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Letter to my Daughters | May 2012

This is the second of my letters that I introduced last month (the first is here).  They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and I’ll be writing them each month for my 2 treasured girls.  I’m undertaking this project with the most amazing set of ladies around the world….. and I am truly touched by all the wonderful words left last month, and by the people who’ve told me they’re inspired to do something similar for their own children – thank you, thank you all…

Now head over to see my lovely new photographer friend Rashmi, of Rashmi Pappu | Alexandria VA, Washington DC to see her inspiring pictures, and letter to her beautiful daughters….

Kirsty x

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  • Sarah C - These photos are just SO sweet! She is so incredibly beautiful!! She sounds so much like my Lily and if we were closer I have no doubt they would be absolutely inseparable!! I love your letter so much sweet Kirsty!!! Seriously found myself nodding through the entire text thinking of my own sweet girl!! You are such a ray of sunshine and its obvious that she gets that from her mama!

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  • julia - Oh my goodness, I love this so much, Kirsty!! Those images of your Saffy are SO fun, so full of joy and light – they put an instant smile on my face. Your letter makes me feel like I know her, and what a wonderful girl she is 🙂

  • jess - love these images, kirsty! they totally capture here and i love how fun and vibrant they are. i think it is so important to document all the little things about our girls…the things that make them who they are. feeling inspired to write down more of them more often!

  • Jody - I was grinning from ear-to-ear as I was reading about your sweet and spunky Saffy. I love that age when anything and everything is possible and there is so much joy to look forward to.

  • Amy Lucy Lockheart - Oh sweet Saffy! So much like her Mama! I can just see the two of you having so much fun together over the years doing so many creative projects and living life to the fullest. Yes, she was made for you Kirsty. A perfect match! This is a beautiful letter and I love her sweet smile in the photos! xoxo

  • Janine - This is so special. x

  • Sarah Clayton - So very beautiful Kirsty. Something for you all to treasure as the girls grow. Brought tears to my eyes xx

  • Rashmi - Kirsty.. I am literally grinning ear to ear.. you describe SIX so well, especially your saffy’s SIX. Oh my.. so much energy… so much get up and go.. what a beautiful beautiful age. You will treasure this forever… we forget the little things so quickly and this will be a wonderful reminder of her six year old whirlwind energy!

  • Kate Pizzo - I don’t know how you do it, not only are you creating a keepsake for you and your girls but you are really putting yourself out there. So hold. I love it, your words one from the heart and really are amazing. Miss Saffy is just gorgeous too! Xo

  • Emma Wood - Kirsty, your words are beautiful and your images are inspiring. You seemed to have managed to capture so many different parts of your sweet Saffys personality. She’s such a little sweetheart and honestly reminds me so much of my little 6yr old. Loved reading this, and having this special peek into your life with your darling girl.

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