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Letter to my Daughters August 2012

This is the fifth of my letters that I introduced in April.  As the months go by I find myself looking forward to this project more and more and treasuring not only all the special things about my girls and our family but also the normal moments of our days.

Next go and see what Jody McKitrick | Northern Virginia Family Photographer has written – her stories are beautiful and she no matter what she writes she always manages to make me smile…

Kirsty xx

PS I’ve hardly been at my PC this month – all pics were taken on my iphone and processed with instagram 🙂 Oh how I love it for capturing all those little moments – I couldn’t live without my instagram now

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  • Sarah C - Oh Kristy! I love love your instagram photos of your girls. They are absolutely beautiful!! Honestly iPhone snaps have become a staple in our life because its really freed up so much time not having to lug our equipment around and being able to really snap and share images of our family with the people we care about. I can only imagine what a special time this month must be for you. Christmas time was similar for us for years and years when my husband worked 60-70 hours a week and we got extra time with them and Christmas break with our littles. Thank you so much for sharing something so sweet and precious to you with us all!! You just have the most beautiful girls!

  • Julia - Being an avid iphoeographer myself, I absolutely love that you have shared your images here! You have captured the feeling of the summer so perfectly, Kirsty; your talent and amazing eye transcend professional equipment.

  • Emma Wood - Oh those beautiful beautiful instagram pictures! They are so out of this world gorgeous, and your sweet words to top it off. Your posts are always so full of life and love. <3

  • Val Spring - I just adore to hear about your family and the way your are raising your girls! I think so highly of you and admire the way you mother them! Love the cozy feeling I get when I read your letters, I can just tell what a beautiful family and home you have! Hugs from across the world, my friend!

  • Tommy - I am a very lucky Baba and husband. xxx

  • Kati - Lovely as always. I really must do something like this for my children. xxx

  • Vinita - Very touching Kirsty! Lovely porject and I love reading your letters!

  • Krista - Amazing! Makes me want an iphone even more.

  • Kate - Blissful pictures Kirsty even with an iphone, and perfect words, they will mean so much to your girls one day

  • Jenn Turner - I love what you do in your projects with your girls! Such an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work.


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