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Earth Day | Abu Dhabi Photographer

Today is Earth Day. I totally forgot – until I saw this post over on the Bloom Forum – this explains why it’s environment week at the girls school too!! Which got the girls and I to chatting about what we do to help protect Mother Earth. And here are just a few of their own ideas on what we do in our family….

It’s tough to be eco conscious in Abu Dhabi – a city where not much grows and so much is imported, with such a heavy reliance on oil, and with such dramatic shortages of water… but we do reasonably well in our family – possibly because I worked in the environmental field for so long pre-kids!  

My kids are pretty eco aware and these are just a small number of things off the top of their heads of what we do to care for Mother Earth – they love to hear me tell stories about her and about how they can help look after her… 

In the spirit of the day I decided to update my own company Eco-Statement and post it here under the “Details” tab for all to see. It may not be much, but it’s my own little baby steps to reduce my own footprint and that of my work…..

What are you doing for Earth Day? I’d love to hear… Kirsty x

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  • Kate - So cute – you’re so good with them – and Indy always looks so enthusiastic about everything she does! And I KNOW this is just the tip of the iceberg of what you do, you Eco mama!!!!!!!

  • Beth Ross | Tyler, TX Photographer - LOVE these!!! What a fun and creative session with your girls. The light is so pretty and I love your processing.

  • Andrea Holroyd - Hello You

    I completely forgot it was Earth Day today..anyway, as usual you are an inspiration. Be proud to know you inspired me to use fab washable nappies. Like you, we try and live a very green life too – I hope I can make it as fun for Lawrence as he grows up as you do for the girls. Am checking out up-cycled clothing next…

  • courtneycourtney - Yes! Love my eco-mamas!!!

  • Amy Lucy - Love, love, love! Such a great post!

  • Kate - I’ve learnt new things…I had no idea you were vegetarians! This is a great post and one to keep, it’s great how aware you are of your footprint. If everyone did it, we’d all be moving in the right direction. Brilliant post!!

  • Sara T - Awesome. Love that you mentioned the Bloom Forum post! Thank you. Beautiful imagery of your babies! Awesome Earth Day inspiration.

  • Debbie Wibowo - What a cute post to celebrate Earth Day! You are a rock mama!

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