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2009 Picture of the Year ♥ Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

** UPDATE – Friday 8th January – Voting is now closed – come back soon to see the results **

2009 was an amazing year for me. I met so many new people that I’m now lucky enough to be able to call friends – and this is work!!! Did I ever mention that I love my job!

Well I’ve just had my toughest challenge yet – picking out a top 12 for you, my clients and my friends, to choose just one Kirsty Larmour Photography picture of the year. Actually I didn’t just pick these myself, my clients chose them – some you’ll have seen before on the site or on the blog, but some you won’t have – many of these are pictures that my Clients ordered this year because THEY loved them! In particular these are ones that they ordered large as wall mounts, or as album spreads.

Please vote for your favourite image by leaving a comment below, with the image letter which is above the picture you want to nonimate. Please keep things fair by only voting once per person (I can check IP addresses so I’ll know!) but spread the word and email your friends and family and get them to vote too, and share on Facebook (Facebook comments won’t count so please comment on the blog itself!) – if you’re reading in a reader or by email subscription then also please visit the blog to vote.

The winning family will receive a copy of their print as a 8 x 12 block print ready to hang on the wall.  Good Luck!!

Image Aabu-dhabi-pic-2009-01

Image Babu-dhabi-pic-2009-02

Image Cabu-dhabi-pic-2009-04

Image Dabu-dhabi-pic-2009-03

Image Eabu-dhabi-pic-2009-06

Image Fabu-dhabi-pic-2009-05

Image Gabu-dhabi-pic-2009-07

Image Habu-dhabi-pic-2009-13

Image Iabu-dhabi-pic-2009-10

Image Jabu-dhabi-pic-2009-12

Image Kabu-dhabi-pic-2009-14

Image Labu-dhabi-pic-2009-09

You have until Midnight on Thursday 7th January, 2010 to vote.

See you again soon, Kirsty x

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  • KS Green - That is reeeeeally tough for someone who doesn’t know any of these people! I’m going to vote for image E though – she’s gorgeous

  • Kristen - Oh boy, this is sooooo hard – they are all amazing you talented lady!! So I’m tossing up between L and J….do I have to choose? Do I really??? Okay well, if I am forced to choose I would say have to say J…but only by a teensy bit!! xx K

  • Tracy - I will be fair and not vote for the amazing picture of my 2 – so will go for the beautiful j.
    Very difficult choice though, but the babies always make me go aaah 🙂

  • sara - They are all so beautiful.
    I vote K.
    You are so talented honey. x

  • Lucy Medlicott - What a hard choice! Gotta go with Image C though – really lovely …

  • Louise - That’s hard Kirsty – but I’d want A on my wall if I had 3 such gorgeous kids – it’s just fun and happy

  • anisa adamson - i absolutley love image H !!!!!!

  • Sharon McEneff - I think J is lovely but always a fan of B&W photos, the fact that you have all 3 of them smiling is great.

  • Lynn Beattie - What beautiful pictures! definately H

  • Mum - Hard to choose but I vote for E so peaceful & unaware she’s lovely

  • Lindsey - For sure picture J. What a doll!!! 🙂

  • Kylie Le Gonidec - always extremely hard to choose – but ‘e’ for me.thankyou

  • Stuart P-T - It has to be image G!

  • Keith Roberts - Picture H – they look beautiful

  • Sarah Beattie - They are all such lovely pictures – I vote for H

  • Diana Hanna - Hard to choose only one . I’ll go for “J”…

  • Michaele Brown - Picture B for sure! You did a great job of capturing the sheer joy the baby is feeling in that moment.

  • Mairi Clare - I just have to choose F – the baby just looks so peaceful and innocent

  • wendy de Ridder - It has to be H, those blue eyes are to die for.

  • Todd B - I am a huge fan of black and white photos and I think this is a great picture of a beautiful family. Love that all 3 are smiling. They look truly happy!

  • Todd B - Sorry, I forgot to mention my vote is for photo J.

  • Jennifer - My vote is for image J. What a sweet looking baby!

  • Angela - J all the way!

  • Katrina - I vote for J. They are a beautiful family and that baby is gorgeous!

  • Nicole S L - I would have to vote for “I” ! Love the surfboard & sleeping baby !

  • Leah - Great photos! J is my fav! 🙂

  • Deema - i vote for F for sure 🙂

  • Glenda - Definitely J for sure.

  • Judy Tapp - I vote for image J

  • Anna - Image E gets my vote, the baby is sooo cute!

  • Teresa - I vote for J.

  • Cari - I vote for J. What a beautiful and happy family!

  • Rob - I vote for K, they all look great!

  • Joe A Bordeaux - All these pictures are great, but i think image C stands out above the rest.

  • Kim - I vote J

  • Angus - E – I took a few similar photos of Mickey, but always with bubbles coming out of his mouth. He’ll treasure them in years to come!

  • Maryna - ….I vote for J……

  • Hamda - Go Yazzy (E)

  • Khadijah - Image E! Go Yazy! 😀

  • Claire - Another vote for E

  • Jeni - I vote for image J!! Great pic!!

  • Kristy - Wow Kirsty, really we have to choose just 1…..
    this is tough!!!
    I think I’m going to go with K
    but D & E were close!!
    Very lovely captures!!!

  • Angie J - great pics! But definitely like ” J ” the best! What a beautiful family!

  • Susie - J all the way….gorgeous family!!

  • Ricky - I vote for J.

  • Momma G - I vote for j. My beautiful baby girl.

  • Christina - Love B 🙂

  • debbie - Beautiful family. So happy and all so beautiful. Picture C

  • Ronali - Loving IMAGE B. Justeen agrees too 🙂

  • Travis and Kirsty - Wow, all great photos, but we will have to go for B! Just Adorable

  • Vickie Jo - Image J gets my vote. They’re all great.

  • Tara - E is absolutely perfect.
    though it is a close call with J)

  • Shirley - I vote for J. Love the expression on baby’s face, accentuated by the black and white!!

  • Sam - Image G – that is one kick ass bride – I love it

  • Amanda B - The family pic F is just one of those treasured images – Mom looks so happy

  • Sarah B - Image I – adorable Kirsty

  • LouLou - Image B, I don’t know how you get them at just the right moment, but you totally do!

  • Debbie and Dave - So hard, but image C (it it cheating a bit cos it’s 2 pics?) we love it!

  • Sarah - J is my favourite! Sweet sweet baby!

  • Fady - Great picture (B).

  • Iwona - I vote for B!Very sweet picture!

  • Tahnee - Image I; though all beautiful.

  • Zayana - IMAGE J.-what a beautiful family photo!

  • Robert de Ridder - I vote for Image H, my neice and nephew look so lovely 🙂

  • Phoebe Pugh - All of your photos are special. I would like, however, to choose J primarily because when I saw it, I thought wow, I know those people and it blessed me to see them with their sweet daughter.The black and white is stunning. Well done, you captured their personalities.

  • Ray - I vote for J – black and white is perfect to showcase their incredible eyes!

  • C.BAILEY - I vote for image K.
    This is an awesome family from my hometown.

  • Mary Mackay - Image D – it’s the kind that should be huge on the wall in England to make them warm and remind them of Sunshine in Abu Dhabi

  • martha P - A all the way – what I woud do for a pic like that of my 3!

  • Manchester girl - I love L but c’mon, with the Team!!! (OK, I’m biased) Love family pic D as much though!

  • Manchester girl - Did I vote twice there? I meant D wins, only slightly!

  • Kate - I want you to do my wedding one day! Image G – because you make brides look awesome

  • C.BAILEY - I meant image J…..please edit my vote!!

  • Paula Furfaro - I vote J!

  • Rawan - I vote for my Little cute Nephue Yousuf.. Image F

  • hanan asadi - yousef image F is fantastice

  • Boesman - I love what you did with the B&W photo in image J. Stark contrasting, baby in the middle, parents’ focus… Great shot!

  • Lula - Beautiful baby I vote J.

  • Dad - The background mixture of colours including through the bubbles is remarkable, around the concentration of the family! Thus, D

  • Vanishea Propst - Vote for Image C

  • kgilbert - I love image k- the baby is adorable, but the way you captured the dad looking at the camera, the mom giggling and looking at the baby- it is such a family moment! I love it!

  • T - My vote is for J, as in the JOY that this picture exudes!

  • tinkerbell - omg E is so cute! i love babies!!!E E E

  • Sara - They r all so cute and hard to pick from but im gonna go with E

  • Talal - My vote goes for image – E – !!!!

  • Gail King - What a beautiful image…a loving family, an adorable baby! It is J for sure!

  • sofia gomaa - F is the best picture… It shows the ideal family and shows intimate and love between the kid and both his mom and dad …

  • Moutaz Hamadeh - I vote 4 image F

  • Danah - to my sweetheart Yousef … image F

  • bonnie - I vote for D, love it.

  • Dina Ibrahim - i vote for F 🙂 cute Yousuf!

  • michele - I vote for I. Georgeous.

  • Renee - I vote for I.

  • Amanda - Image I is cute.

  • Penny Rogers - Imagine f wat a beautiful little boy

  • mike - definatly got to be image f natural and different

  • Ronnie - f for sure

  • freddie - i like the picture f it doesnt look as if its been posed for

  • T - I vote for J. A beautiful photo of a beautiful family.

  • Ekram - I vote for Photo J…You can just feel the true happiness..

  • Jenny - Image F

  • Stephanie - Image J – they are a very precious family!!!

  • Dalia Abdulwahab - I vote for Image E

  • Kevin P - Image A is the best

  • Mommy3Bs - I love A – just beautiful, bright and fun

  • Glenda Jones - Picture K is lovely – a pair of sweeties

  • Michael B - Picture I of the surfbaord baby

  • Doaa - I vote for cute yousef, Image F

  • TL - I vote for C–the fam is beautiful inside and out 🙂 but great work on all of them Kirsty

  • Anne Copeland - I vote for the last photo! That family looks soooo happy!

  • ManSoor - E (cute Yazzy) *_^

  • mariann - I’ll vote for pic C

  • Gerry - Image F is in a class of it’s own, the expressions and the symmetry of the feet are an excellent catch…well done..!

  • Claire P - Image J…it’s just stunning!

  • Eyad El-Khaldi - I vote for F.

  • faris Ahmed - I vote for F

  • Usama - I vote for F.

  • Areen - I vote for F

  • Penny - I love E but they are all fab xoxo

  • haitham jallad - i vote for F, what a beautifu pic.

  • Debbie Stewart - I vote for image L – love the way the shot has captured the family dynamics.

  • Rino - I vote for pic E.. what an angel 🙂

  • Tigo - pic E is soooooo Cute… E indeed

  • Jacqui Buckley - Mmmm tough one but my vote goes for picture L. They are all as lovely as the picture shows them.

  • ashley costello - i vote for d the costello bubble family x

  • Salah - they all lovely but i am going for E

  • Megan - I have to go with L – its a fun way to shoot a family ‘on the move’

  • Candy - L is fantastic – I love it

  • marilynbergsma - I vote for k The kids are just too cute!!!

  • Karen - They are all lovely but i got to vote for E

  • Melissa Ortiz - I vote for “Image C” without a doubt…A beautiful mom with her darling girl and a proud father with his handsome boys. So natural, so beautiful, utterly perfect!

  • Jill Ward - I vote for J. Sweet Pea, your are the sweetest!

  • Jennifer - I like K! Those eyes!

  • Aunt Phyllis - I vote for J. Baby girl, you are too cute!

  • Amy - I vote for Image J!

  • jen - DOH!!! i meant J, not K!!!!! sorry, i only just saw that the letter was ABOVE the image.

  • Tasha - I vote for J, such a beautiful happy little family 🙂

  • Moriah - Image J

  • Tory - I vote for Image J!!!

  • Suzanne - They are all beautiful, but I vote for K!

  • Lynn Turra - Definitely K ….. all wonderful pictures.

  • Brian - Picture jp

  • Claire - All great but have to go with Happy Families Image L

  • Mulkster - K

  • Ben - B. Definitely. Great expression, cool crop, and just an all around great image.

  • Robyn Creighton - I really like J. They are a way cute family.

  • Jenny - K!


  • Audrey J.Cooper - They Are all pretty,but my favorite is J.

  • Sara T - J is the most striking photo you have captured. Excellent work!

  • Jeanie D - I vote for image J! Super!

  • Emily Loomis - I vote for Image J…Beautiful eyes…

  • Roula - Nice photos, but my vote goes to image K.

  • Kathi Sparks - They are all beautiful. But my vote is for image J.

  • Frankie Garrett - Lovely Family. Image J is my favorite.

  • Kathy D - Beautiful photo-Vote for J

  • Mateo - many beautiful photos but the “eyes” of the baby in photo J get captured me. I vote for Photo J.

  • Lisa - They are great pic but I vote for J

  • Allison & Jim - What a beautiful collection: They’re all beautiful, but put us down for ‘J’!


  • Marcy - Kristy…great photography! All the pics are good… But I definitely vote for Image J…..what a beautiful child! So bright and gorgeous! her parents look so beautiful and happy too!

  • Christy - Love image J!!! Adorable family!

  • Sarah B Hess - Picture “K” is super sweet! That is my vote!

  • Robert - Image J…classic black and white, baby looks happy to see you!

  • Melody Pajak - I like picture B the best. Babies are sooo cute!

  • Sue Raley - Image J
    Raylee is BEATIFUL!

  • JS - Voting for image J!

  • Jimmy M - I vote for image J—Beautiful threesome photo.

  • Abdullah - I vote for image F .. It’s fantastic and so lovely

  • JC - I vote for J

  • Maxine - Love the closeness of this family and the love for their son- plus the feet amaze me lol. I vote for image F.

  • Areej - I vote for image F .. It’s so nice 🙂

  • AJ Deshotels - I am voting for image J

  • Abdullah Al Jallad - F is the most beutiful pic.

  • Beth - Image J

  • Abdullah Al Jallad - I vote for image F F F F F F

  • Zack - J

  • Annette - I vote for J

  • Michelle A - J is definitely the best!!

  • Lana - All great photos. But only allowed to vote for one – has to be J.

  • Laura Claiborne - Image J without a doubt!! Beautiful family!!

  • Lori Burns - I vote for J. The photo is precious!

  • Jenny - I vote for J. It is perfect of the baby and also show the family bond beautifully. Very impressive.

  • Tammy - I love k

  • Jane Herald - I would like to vote for image J. The baby is beautiful, and her eyes reflect the happiness of the parents.

  • Patricia Fonner - I vote for J.

  • kgilbert - ooops- I meant image J- I thought the image names were under the picture, not on top- sorry. I think that picture is a great snapshot of happy family life!

  • Melissa gibson - I vote for J. I love this picture!

  • Natalie Bartoo - So many good ones…but my heart goes with Image J!!! what a beauty!!!

  • Greg Gibson - My favorite is J, but all of the pictures are wonderful.

  • Seth Bartoo - I vote for Image J!

  • Natalie - I vote for image J…beautiful family

  • Rebecca - Image J gets my vote!

  • Jane - I vote for J. They look so happy together.

  • Jacy - I vote for image J for sure!! Too cute!

  • Ray Lashaway - I love photo J – beautiful child

  • Tex - So many lovely pictures, capturing life and love. I must say that I like J the best.

  • Anna G - My vote is for E. All the way. They are all bautiful, though.

  • Becky Tuttle - All of the pictures are absolutely beautiful but my favorite is J. the family just looks so happy together!!

  • Jill - I vote for J.This is such a blessed beautiful family.

  • jacob - great pictures! i vote for j

  • marcheta - Look at that baby’s eyes….how amazing! I vote for J.

  • Mel Doughty - Vote for J.

  • Reo Pugao - Picture J…fo sho!!!!

  • Monira - EEEEEEEEEE! 🙂

  • margaret reid - they are all beautiful, but f wins it for me

  • Nisreen - I vote for image F 🙂

  • Halim - I vote for image F.

  • marwan - F for sure

  • haitham Mahmoud - i vote for F for sure

  • benjamin - I go for “F”.

  • Bassel El Khalil - F

  • Ayssan - I vote for “F”

  • christine - I vote for L. A great spontaneous family pix that reflects the personalities of the subjects.

  • Rehna Dhilon - I vote for F – cutie

  • Kathleen - Was my arm twisted!!! Vote for L

  • Lisa S. Bordeaux - I vote for image D the Alvarez family. Their photo should be in a magazine.


  • Karen Muldoon - Hi Kirsty – all very creative and original photos. Of course I vote for L. Knowing the family – I think you’ve captured the fun element of them as a group.
    Good luck with your business – maybe see you next time we visit. Perhaps boys and I could have a shoot.
    Love Karen.

  • Mandy - Image J – love it!

  • brent claiborne - vote for J

  • sharon - I vote for Image J.

  • helke - i vote for E!

  • H Fletcher - I vote for j. beautiful pictures. I love the expression on the baby’s face.

  • Karen - I vote E – simply beautiful

  • h - I vote for image J…beautiful eyes!!

  • David - I vote for J. That is a great pic.

  • younis Atiyyat - Adorable baby and family I vote For F

  • rami mahmoud - i vote for F

  • Brenda W - I vote for J

  • Debra McQueen - I vote for J – Precious family pic! What innocence captured in the babies face.

  • Fawwaz Abu Falah - I vote for image F

  • Luetta - Image J no doubt about it. Great photo

  • Cymbre - I love all the pictures!! You do a great job of capturing pure emotion!! If I have to choose (which obviously I do), I pick J!!

  • Tammie K - I vote for image J-Beautiful!!

  • Kimberly - Image J is the best. Beautiful family!

  • Laura Shannon - I vote for image “J” !
    Laura Shannon

  • Amanda - I vote for Image J!

  • Ann Adamson - Image H is my favourite

  • T - one more vote for J

  • Kristin - I vote for image J. They are awesome!!!

  • Dusty Thornburg - I am so sorry, I would like to edit my vote by changing the “K” to the “J” image. This is a dear family to me and an absolutely beautiful picture of them. Sincerely, Dusty

  • Nancy Huddleston - I vote for Image J.

  • debra - Opps just voted for I but I mean H!

  • erin - j :)!

  • Kelleye - “J” is Just great!!!

  • Carrie - I vote for J! They are all amazing though!

  • Salama - I vote for the lovely Angel E

  • Dandoon - I vote for the princess in E

  • Hana - I vote for E, absolutely cute and colorful!

  • Margaret - Lovely photos Kirsty. I am going to vote for ‘F’. Good luck to everyone and Happy New Year.

  • Margaret - Image ‘E’

  • Enas - I vote for picture E.

  • Bo Hamad - i vote for E

  • sandy shumaker - Sandy-I vote for image k what a precious family.

  • moody - I vote for J.

  • Deidre - Great Work on all the pics, but I definitely go with Image C.. I love black and white pics, and what a lovely family!!

  • Lynne - J gets my vote – 3 radiant smiles!

  • Bahola - Image J….beautiful family!

  • Lindy Pate - I vote for J.

  • J. Lyle - I like picture J where they are all smiling!! Precious!

  • Elizabeth - I love J!

  • Raed Herbawi - No need to think , FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF is the best

  • machelle h - Image J is beautiful. It has my vote.

  • D.H. - I vote J.

  • Mary - Image A – they’re beautiful, like kids in a commercial!

  • Christa - Picture A! They look beautiful!

  • bill boucaut - Bill and Jan Would have to vote for our gorgeous granddaughter – I

  • Gemma - E is my fav so cute

  • Nozomi - Love them all Kirsty but my vote is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Hope to see you soon!

  • NR - I vote J. What a beautiful baby!

  • Kelli Conley - I am posting my vote for image J. I have known Paula(mommy) since she was a tiny baby & you can truely feel the love & happiness of this little family coming thru the picture. 🙂

  • Jon M. - I vote for image K. Great picture!

  • Peter - B – Gotta love her smile!

  • Sarah - love pic J!

  • Melissa Welborn - My vote is on “J” WOW!

  • Susie Carpenter - I vote for J.

  • Jackie Markland - I vote for J.

  • S. Carpenter - I vote J. that is my favorite! Creat family photo.

  • Bubby Carpenter - I vote J. cute baby know baby’s mommy very well

  • M.W. - I vote for J.

  • P. H. - Definitely J. My vote is for J.

  • Jon - That’s a great smile on picture J. She get’s our vote

  • Omar - You’re such a talented photographer but I think C is the most unique!!

  • Kati - I vote for J.

    All of them are awesome. So really…I just closed my eyes and scrolled up and down until I opened my eyes and my cursor rested on “J”.

    xx Kati

  • Mandi - I vote for Image J!

  • Teresa - I vote for picture J. Love the picture!

  • Kelly - Image J- absolutely adorable!

  • Kristen - I vote for K!

  • Blair - K!

  • Alicson - Image J gets my vote, the photo captures a wonderful moment in time!

  • Ashley - They are all remarkable pictures but J gets my vote!

  • GW - vote J

  • Danah - My little princess in photo “E” <3

  • mona mathana - Vote for the really really beautiful princess in E. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing

  • Monah - Vote for E … 🙂 Good luck

  • Airiny - I vote for Yazzi (E)

  • J. S. - beautifully finished shots – J has my vote, the simplest images can be the most difficult to get and this is excellent

  • Sarah White - They are all special and have unique features, but the shot that stands out for me is J. The baby’s expression is fabulous and mirrored by her parents, who frame her beautifully.

  • Lucy Critchlow - I vote for D 😀

  • Debra Critchlow/Costello - I vote for the lovely picture D xx

  • Hala - EEEEE the most beautiful innocent baby in UAE mashalla 🙂

  • sonia farrell - i vote for image D absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • josh farrell - it has to be D they look soo happy beautiful family portrait xxx

  • Bridgette Bordeaux Cason - bridgette- I vote for C how can you not see the happiness in that family portrait

  • marcia conley - I VOTE FOR J…Momma Pooh, Baby Pooh and Daddy too!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monalisa Lang - Oops, sorry made a mistake, I meant to vote for picture J. I thought the picture names were under, and not on top of the picture. No hard feeling K!

  • Dave - It has to be D – my baby girl! I’m not sure we’ve said it enough times, thanks again Kirsty!

  • Clare Maddox - We all vote for ‘D’ here in Brisbane, gorgeous family shot !!

  • Scher - I vote J.

  • Claire Garside - I vote for D – I love the bubbles and the sunshine and of course the family are beautiful xx

  • Pauline - J is most definitely my choice!

  • Qudsia - Lovely little angel in picture E

  • Kav - I vote J! Great contrast and amazing beautiful expressions of each of the family members faces… they have a light about them!! Great shot!

  • Steve Critchlow - I vote for D !

  • Miss Lucy Critch xx - I vote for D !x <3

  • Carol - Oops … Same mistake … I meant D … thought the letters were under rather than above 🙂 doh!

  • Garnett - I vote J.

  • Gail, Larry, Rachel, Jessi, Zach - We cast 5 votes for J! Wonderful!

  • Naomi Roebuck - I vote for image E-such a beautiful little lady.xx

  • Richard D - It’s D from me!

  • Marilyn - I vote for J.
    Great work!

  • sara - i vote J all the way!!

  • Kirsty - Thank for the votes everyone – Voting is now closed – check back soon for the winner! Kirsty x