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A dear photographer friend of mine Kati “tagged” me to share 7 random things. I’ve shared some random stuff on here before (in addition to the stuff under “Details“), but I always have a good chuckle when I think of other random stuff! So, without further ado……

 1 My favourite TV programmes are Friends, Sex and the City and Ugly Betty – and I have a small obsession with wanting to visit New York going on!!!

2. I have had the most random selection of jobs, ever! Aside from a 12 year corporate career and the usual bar, waitressing and shop girl jobs I’ve worked as a ski instructor (I qualified aged 16 and until I started photography that was my favourite job to date). I’ve sold double glazing – over the phone – hmmm… don’t hate me! I’ve led tours on dolphin watching boats. I’ve worked on a landfill. I’ve been a childrens party entertainer (yes, that does mean clown). I’ve been a beer girl at the rugby 7’s in Hong Kong! And I’ve been a bra model (probably my best ever paid job – and for companies including Victoria’s Secret, no less!)

 3. I was once on a Hong Kong TV programme as part of the orchestra (playing the violin) supporting a cantopop star performance (I don’t even remember who!) – the music was pre recorded and when they filmed we just had to mime – most bizarre!

 4. it stuns me every day just how much I love hanging out with my children – I want to hang onto every single moment and bottle it up (which reminds me, we really should invest in a video camera – recommendations please!!)

 5. I ♥ travel programmes and am ALWAYS planning the next trip, or 2 or 3 in my head and being inspired by what an amazing place the planet we live on is.

 6. I beat myself up about the fact I drive a 4 wheel drive car and yet I consider myself passionate environmentalist – I accept it as a fact of life here that keeping my kids safe comes first – that said, I’m a crazy recycler, waste minimiser, local buyer, switch turneroffer, and with a long background as an environmental consultant I try as hard as I can to incorporate little environmental initiatives into my work wherever I can.

 7. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have met a wonderful man, who is my soul mate, my No. 1 supporter and the most amazing father to my children I could imagine – he has given me the best of times, and held my hand through the worst

 So now I’m passing this along to some more bloggers – and I’m going to spread the love globally here!!!

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 If you choose to follow a bit of fun, the “rules” are:

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Share seven things about yourself

Nominate other bloggers and share the love.

Tell the nominees about their award.  

And of course, I can’t have a post without a picture – so here we go – a photo that makes my heart sing for the fact that is technically so wrong in so many ways, and yet so, so, truly perfect in so many others,Abu Dhabi beach photography

or Imperfectly Perfect – I’m not sure….. Kirsty x

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