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I’ll meet you under the banyan tree | Abu Dhabi Wedding Photographer

Ania and Paul’s wedding took place on a stunningly sunshiney day. It was one of those days of perfect combinations – perfect weather, fabulous guests from far and wide, a glorious venue, a wonderfully happy bride and groom… but the most crazy stomach butterflies for me because they were getting married at 12:30pm, and outdoors!!! But perfection struck again, in the form of the wonderful old spreading banyan tree they chose to get married under – oh bliss!

The glowing bride arriving

And her groom awaiting…

They definitely had some of the cutest wedding guests!!How fabulously did they rock the portraits?

And a romantic end, a beautiful Middle Eastern sunset….

Thank you Ania and Paul for a wonderful day – with much love and happiness, Kirsty x

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  • Louise - Swoon, what beautiful sunlight – gorgeous pics Kirsty and congratulations to the bride and groom

  • Summer - Kirsty

    Your shots open the heart effortlessly.

    You’ve tapped into that special place that only Paul and Ania know and you’ve wrapped it in a pretty pink bow for all to be gifted.

    Ania’s a real treat in my life, and I can’t wait to have the stunning picture of her holding champagne, head off to the side, on my “girls” wall in the guest room. It’s reserved for the most godly goddess’ in my life!

    Well done! X

  • Kate Pizzo - Where were you when I was getting married?? These pictures are great…what a wonderful day of memories you have captured!

  • Erica - Absolutely gorgeous images, Kirsty! As always, I love your work.

  • Vinita - Beautiful Kirsty! Love everything about it!

  • Kate - Beautiful Kirsty – a real mix of lovely candid shots and stunning couple portraits

  • Natalie - wow.absolutely beautiful!! I love them all, and the couple portraits are simply stunning! they definitely rocked their portraits, as did you as their photographer!!

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