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This month might just be one of my favourite Project 10’s ever – you’ll be able to tell that from the fact I’ve included just a little over 10 images!!! When it was the Eid holidays a couple of weeks ago we went camping in the mountains near to Fujairah – although it may have been Oman as there’s a tiny Omani enclave up there too. I’ve said before how much I miss mountains and oh my gosh are those mountains beautiful… 3 days up there were just the perfect break…

Almost ready to set off with a full car….This is what the roadsides of the UAE look like as you get away from the cities – mansions in the desert, animal feed shops, lots of decorative coffee pots, and the flag flying everywhere… and we always have a contest to see who will spot the first camel when we go out of town….As we approach the mountains there are painted mountain sides and we pass through the Friday market – which is open every day! Aaaahhhhhh, finally in the mountains, up and down we go and we wind our way further away from civilisation, the downs take us to dips where water accumulates and you find little oases, usually full of date palms….Up the wadi beds we drive…. it’s hard to believe that in winter on the occasional days of rain these turn into rivers…The car is getting filthier….Finally, we decide on a camping ground for the night – we’re not sure if we’re still in Oman, or if we’ve passed back into the UAE here – you can only really tell from the flags on the houses, and we’ve not seen a house in maybe 20 minutes!!The girls love to help setting up campAnd are very proud when their work is done!!

Now they can go off adventuring – Indy’s checking the surrounding hills with her binoculars – these have been on many, many journeys with us and I can’t believe they’re still in 1 piece!!!
One of the things I love most about going out to the desert or mountains is the freedom our kids can have – we used to roam the fields or the streets around our home as kids and certainly could go round to neighbours houses without supervision, but living in the city I can’t let the girls go anywhere without me – in the mountains they can go climb, explore and be adventurers – they can get out of Mummy’s earshot and chat, I can see them as they run along the ridges, I can hear if they shout, but I don’t need to be with them – it’s a wonderful kind of freedom Back down, and thinking about food!!!
Time for marshmallows on the campfire 🙂

And last but not least, the end of a fabulous, adventure filled day with some light painting fun – yes, that’s me!! I finally got myself in a picture!!!! Hello everyone!!!

I will definitely be sharing some more pictures from this camping trip over the next few weeks/months – it was blissful – although I’ve never wanted a shower more than when we got back home!!!!

Now head on over to see my friend Efi of Studio 8 photography in Greece … Our circle has got a little smaller so I’m also going to link to some other photographers worldwide who are doing similar projects – try the lovely Rowe Timson in Australia or one of my “Letters” friends sweet Sara Tegman – and both of them will lead you on to others….

Until next month, Kirsty x

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