ClickinWalk 6th May 2017 – and a look back at the 2016 walk

The ClickinWalk is coming up soon and this year it will be held in Abu Dhabi for the first time ever which is very exciting for me as someone who has been a photographer in Abu Dhabi for 10 years!!

For those that don’t know about it, it’s a photo walk that happens in cities all over the world on one weekend a year. It’s organised by ClickinMoms, a worldwide organisation that provides training and support to photographers both online and in person. You don’t need to be a Mum, or a professional – you just need to be someone who would love to spend some time nurturing your photography passion.  It’s a friendly, helpful, supportive environment that I’m proud to be a Pro member of.

The walk will take place around the dhow yards in Abu Dhabi this year (weather dependent as it might be too hot!!) but it’s not just about capturing travel type photos or seeing an old part of Abu Dhabi. It’s SO much more than that!! It’s about photography chat, talking about your skills and progress, gear and photography styles – we’ll practice capturing different perspectives and techniques from travel and street photography to more traditional portraiture – it’s a chance to network with friends and to meet new connections and last year I loved it and came away feeling uplifted and positive about the beautiful photography community in the UAE.

Last year we held it in Dubai and encouraged people to join us from all 7 Emirates and we do so again. It’s being led, not just by me but by two wonderful Dubai photographers – Chloe Lodge and Natalie Robinson and I am delighted with the numbers of fabulous ladies (although it’s also open to men too!!) that have signed up so far. But just in case you wanted to see a bit of what it might entail I’m adding a few photos from last years photo walk in Dubai and at the bottom I’ll link to some other photographers who shared some different perspectives from the walk.

Abu Dhabi Photographer

Dubai Travel PhotographyClickin Walk Dubai travel photographyAbu Dhabi Travel PhotographerKirsty Larmour Travel PhotographyKirsty Larmour Abu Dhabi PhotographerKirsty Larmour Abu Dhabi PhotogapherAbu Dhabi child and Family Photographer

I felt as if I didn’t actually capture much as I was so busy chatting to the wonderful group we had last year but looking back I’m delighted that I captured such a variety of photos – and I had one of my favourite little models with me on the walk too!!  You can see some photos from some more of last years participants at these links:

Victoria Akbik – blogged fab photos from the walk

Ingrid Nielson – shared some on Instagram here and here

Isabel Posadas added some pictures on her FB travel photos page

And Natalie Robinson – a Dubai Photographer who will be helping me run the Clickin Walk, shared some tips and photos on her blog HERE

Click on this image to go to the sign up page – it’s important that you sign up so we know how many people are coming, and so that we have your contact details in case we change the route. Any age and ability is welcome, no need to be a member of ClickinMoms – all the details for the walk are over on the sign up page! Remember to bring water!!! Abu Dhabi ClickinWalk 2017

I can’t wait to see you there for another fun morning of sharing and learning and photo chat,

Kirsty xx

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