Creativity on the Fly, a Self Paced Course by Kirsty Larmour

It is always an honour when you’re asked to teach on a subject you’re passionate about. So when I was approached by Click Photo School to ask if I could work on something on creativity I took a deep breath and said YES! Why the deep breath? Because creativity is something so deeply ingrained in us, and is such a huuuuuuge topic I had to ponder a moment on it. I mean where do you start?

So I started with what I know best – making it part of our everyday. Before we even lift a camera, before we think of composition, or lighting, or setting and story. We need to weave creativity into our lives. Now, I believe we are all creative, no matter what any of us may have been told, but we are all unique in our creativity, which means teaching it is a huge task. Instead I believe that we can nurture it, encourage it, nudge it to be set free, in our daily lives, and onwards to infuse into our photography.

And so “Creativity on the Fly” was born – as a follow up to my much loved previous guide “Photography on the Fly”. POTF was a guide to becoming intuitive in photography, and this new guide is a stage deeper, a dive into being creative in our lives, and then layering that into the images we make from the lives that we live and the unique ways that each of us see. It’s not a lightning bolt of a class – it’s a slow infusion, hopefully with a bunch of aha moments along the way.

I could not be more proud to launch this into the world. It comes with a huge chunk of my heart and soul embedded right in there along with a holding hand for your own creative journey.

A guide to infusing creativity into your days, and your photography

If you’re looking to infuse more creative depth into your images this self paced course will help by digging into creative practices and guiding you to be more in tune to opportunities in your every day. You will feel more intuitive in your artistic vision with heightened awareness to layer richness into your photographic storytelling.

You’ll come away with:

  • A deeper emotional understanding of what makes you tick creatively
  • Insights to help intentionally ground your creativity
  • Methods to kickstart paying attention to opportunities
  • Techniques to slow down and notice
  • Ideas to infuse creativity into everyday photos
  • Thoughts on how to allow your artistic journey to naturally evolve

This course is for you if:

  • You understand the basics of photography but want to take your creativity up a level
  • You want to think less about the technical aspects of photography
  • You want to be more thoughtful in your creative processes
  • You want to notice more creativity in your daily routine
  • You need a creative boost to get you out of a rut
  • You want to add more creative depth, emotion and vision to your storytelling

What’s in your online classroom:

  • A 100 + page PDF with thoughts and techniques for infusing more creativity into your everyday routines
  • 3 videos that discuss living a creative life and bringing depth to your photos
  • A series of behind the scenes videos showing Kirsty documenting life creatively in different environments and lighting
  • A series of videos talking through photos where different creative techniques have been used to enhance the story being told – through compositional elements, lighting and creative techniques
  • 2 creative meditations to help slow down your mind and tune in to your creativity
  • A stunning printable creative exercise book to help you journal on creative ideas
  • A PDF of creative projects to inspire you

There are personal notes spaced throughout to share experiences. There are exercises to grow your creativity. And throughout there’s my hand on your shoulder, nudging you along, deeper into your creativity. Some days it can be a struggle, I know. The last 2 years have been rough and have sucked the drive to document our everyday from us, but this is the time to rise up, to embrace our creativity again and not let it slip through the cracks.

I can’t wait to have you join me,

much love, Kirsty xx

I'm Kirsty Hello There!


Hi, I'm Kirsty, a lifestyle photographer and photography educator who lives in India. My approach to photography is to capture real life – with a little sparkle on top fueled by my obsession with pretty light. I want to treasure the moments that need to be remembered.

Grab a cup of tea and have a roam around my blog to see my photography style and ideas. (Check out the Details section up there on the menu bar, and the FAQ's for lots of info too). I post pictures on here from recent photo sessions, as well as some personal photo projects and some ramblings about life in general. Leave some love, check my page out over on Facebook to stay up to date, and come back again soon,

Kirsty xx

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