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And off to Bahrain | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I’m crazy behind on blogging and I really should try and catch up – so here goes… my first “trying to catch up” post.

This gorgeous family I’ve got to know over the last few years in Abu Dhabi as the Mum is also a photographer – but the first time I managed to get them in front of my lens was as they were departing for new lands and adventures.

It is ALWAYS both an honour and nervewracking when another photographer asks you to photograph them – but I actually think their 3 littles are seasoned pros at working it for the camera. How gorgeous are they all?

Those boys are future heart breakers for sure….

I always love to get some Mum and Dad photos – seriously, 3 kids later how cute are these two?

And this little poppet? Well she truly is the apple of their family’s eye….

Rin, thank you so much for asking me to capture this time for you – I know how important, and yet how difficult it is for we photographer Mummies to get ourselves the other side of the camera and I  am so happy to have been able to see you and your beautiful family snatching some precious moments together in the middle of the madness of packing up your lives – good luck with your new adventures, love, Kirsty xx

  • Kate - Hooray!!! Back to blogging some AD gorgeousness – and such a lovely family to start with – that bottom picture is just bursting with personality

  • Jill - Such beautiful images Kirsty and a lovely family captured perfectly

  • Debbie W - Adorable kids. Love that big toothless smile and the little girl is a precious!

  • Janine - Such beautiful children!!….and parents too, of course. Lots of love there. Captured beautifully, Kirsty.

Project 10 -September 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I missed last month!! My first time missing a month:(and I would have loved to have blogged some photos but we were travelling and had no internet and I actually didn’t even take a laptop – never mind, maybe one day I’ll backdate a post for last month! Anyway… to this month…. and some photos from when we were at parents place in England a few weeks ago. My girls love baking, we do a lot ourselves, but they reeeeeeeeeally love baking with my Mum (I think she’s more patient, and lets them have more treats as they bake!! at least this is what I suspect given how few cupcakes they actually got out of this batch!!!) so the day started off in the kitchen…..You’ve gotta scrape out all the cake batterMaking the frosting and trying to catch the icing sugar on her tongue:DDecorating timeAnd then off for a walk to the village…. through the woods we go….and over the fields….We went to the Post Office to post Saffy’s hair – she sent it to The Little Princesses Trust a UK charity that makes wigs for sick kidsAnd back through the woods on the other side of the village….I asked them for a photo…. this is what I got….Obligatory photo with the grandparents!!! Yes, my parents are hilarious!!!

And almost home again…..

And that’s pretty much how we spent most of our days in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside – the kids loved feeding the cows and picking flowers and berries and baking and going for walks….

Now head on over to my lovely friend Robyn whose big girl just turned 5:D

Until next month… (or last month if I get round to it!!), Kirsty xx

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  • Debbie W - envy I am looking at Saffy and Indy spending quality time with their grandparents! That pic of Saffy trying to catch sugar is just awesome!

  • Catherine - I LOVE the pics and your Mum and Dad!!! Xx

  • kati - Your babies are getting so BIG!! Tell Saffy her hair looks beautiful! xx

  • Janine - Fabulous! The girls look so happy. I love the hand holding…and the flour in the kitchen light. Jx

  • Janine - ….I just read that it’s icing sugar…:-) I’m up past midnight with insomnia.

  • rowe - what a gorgeous adventure… cooking and exploring woods and fields all in one day! so pretty… the light in the kitchen in the icing sugar photos is crazy beautiful!!!

Letter to my Daughters – August 2013

It seems crazy to me that I haven’t blogged since last months letter to the girls, but our summer has been full, and we’ve drunk up the fun by the bucket load – I’ll share more of our summer fun soon, but for now please head on over to read the heartfelt letter of Emma Wood, someone who has become a real friend to me, the only member of our beautiful letters group that I’ve actually met in person as I’m lucky enough to now have her as a neighbour here in the UAE. She inspires me in motherhood, photography and so much more…

Until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • Rashmi Pappu - I adore Saffy’s haircut so much, but more than the haircut I adore her spirit! All little girls should have her confidence and her giving heart. You must be so proud of her Kirsty. Our girls are such beautiful people, inside and out.

  • Ginger Unzueta - oh, Kirsty, I love this. she is most beautiful any way she has her hair and that confidence..that is the beauty that flows. motherhood, so many wonderful phases, lessons, and loves we go through. thank you for sharing this. xo

  • Jessica Downey - Soooo beautiful!

  • Emma Wood - No no no, this beautiful letter is not just about your sweet brave girl making the decision to cut her hair, it shows how hard it is for us Mamas to let our babies grow up. But you do let her, in the best way possible. I already feel how inspiring you are to me as a Mother and a friend. You don’t smother, you nurture and you inspire. I could learn so much from you and I know that I will. Thank you for coming into my life with your wise words and your gentle ways, my life has become richer with you in it. <3

  • shalonda - oh sweet saffy!!!! what a beautiful independence and CONFIDENCE you radiate with!!! i adore your haircut but more than that i am smitten with watching you grow up through these letters your mommy writes you. xoxo to you too Kirsty ;)

  • Kate - Oh sweet Saffy, what a big brave girl you’re becoming, and what a compassionate one too. Which charity did she send her hair to if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Catherine Vargas - LOVE those pictures and your little girl is adorable :)

  • Amy - These photos of your big girl are so telling — I can see how much you love her in each and every one. And I am so going to write a letter about hair to my girls! Love this so much, Kirsty! You are such an inspiration to me. <3

Letter to my Daughters, July 2013

This month I am linking to one of the loveliest souls I know Debbie of Delight Fine Art Photography as she writes to her gorgeous daughter….

Until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • Mairi Clare - Hi Kirsty

    Not quite so original as Indy, but Aaron did a similar topic last year and he was the only one who put anything remotely thoughtful (all the other children bar none put sports star/popstar). He wanted (and still wants) to be an engineer and palaeontologist – the TA apparently had to get the dictionary out to put the second one on the display.

    It made me very proud that he knows his own mind and didn’t just follow the crowd. We continue to support his dream and will see what becomes of it in years to come – we have kept the sheet he wrote it on :-)

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  • amy grace - you are the most amazing mama. i always know i will leave here feeling full. i know anything these girls will be will be ok, as long as they find their joy. and you will lead them there. you make the world good. you make it bigger. you make me want to stretch myself. xoxo

  • Kate - To bring up dreamers, children who can see beyond themselves and beyond the here and now is a great gift to them Kirsty, especially in this day and age – you are doing a wonderful and important job by stretching their imaginations

  • Kirsty - Mairi Clare, that’s wonderful :D I think in the pressure to teach kids schools sometimes forget to let them dream and follow their own paths – clearly the TA was not a Friends fan!!!

  • shalonda - KIRSTY! i read this post smiling…i can feel it, i can see it and you are one amazing mama to have captured it. THE DREAMS OF A 5 year old are truly magical and simply beautiful….incredible sweet friend just incredible

  • Debbie Wibowo - Dear Indy, when you invent a machine that can turn us into rainbow unicorn, I’ll definitely buy that machine. Because I want to have rainbow hair and rainbow wings, and fly to places. Like your mom said, keep your dreams alive and they will take you to beautiful places.

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Walking on the Irish Sea Coast | Abu Dhabi commercial photographer

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet – a couple of months ago the beautiful Teresa and Thomas magazines first print issue came. I’ve featured in their digital magazine before (pictures from the beautiful Abu Dhabi desert) but there’s really something amazing about seeing your work in print in an international magazine, and alongside so many other wonderful photographers – seriously, pinch me!!

This wasn’t a shoot so much as an early morning walk with the dog on the beach in front of my in-laws house when we were in Ireland over Christmas – so while we’re hitting the highest temperatures of the year here in Abu Dhabi this should cool you down again – it is very, very chilly on that beach, believe me!!! (the kids had thermals and lots of layers on underneath, I’m not that cruel a Mama!!)

The girls were super excited to see themselves, and Amber, their favourite dog in the world (who got her own credit in the magazine too!) in print. So without further ado I’ll share some of the pictures, plus some from my instagram feed of Indy admiring herself, and of the gorgeous magazine itself.

Dresses by our big eco-favourite CourtneyCourtney – she makes the best dresses for ALL seasons!

More fun things to be shared soon, hope you’re all having a fabulous summer, Kirsty xx

  • Kate - It looks soooooo cold but so gorgeous and that is one cute dog (as well as your girls as always!!!) Congrats on the magazine feature Kirsty, your work is always just so real life and wonderful and you deserve it.

Project 10, July 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Ramadan Kareem to you all. It’s the first day of Ramadan, the start of the holy month here in the U.A.E. and it’s also July’s Project 10 day. I shot this 2 days ago as the school holidays had started – it was a day of hanging out, heading to the supermarket and also delivering gifts to a charity that gives toys to children who will be spending Ramadan in hospital – charity is an important component of this month. We then headed home and hung out some more – everything that holidays should be!

Early morning games of Minion Rush – the whole family is addicted – and can’t wait for Despicable Me 2 to come out – although it’s not coming out here until after Ramadan so we’re told:(

Piano practice timeSticker books timeAt the mall heading to deliver bags of toys for RamadanVeggie sushi for dinnerRamadan preparations are in full swing at the supermarket – piles and piles and piles of dates – the fast is broken with dates so everyone stocks up – we also went date shopping the following day at our favourite date shop!!Dates of every kind; filled with fruits and nuts, or chocolate dipped, you name it, it’s there…We couldn’t forget our favourite sweets too – many of which are only available at this time of yearBack home, and game timeA bit of maths and marshmallow fun Sushi time

Karate timeHere are some Ramadan do’s and don’ts for anyone who’s new to the UAE and not experienced Ramadan before.

Now head over to see Nancy, and see how her day was this month… until next month, I hope you have a very blessed holy month, Kirsty

  • alpana - i so love seeing your images and reading about your adventures!! And your girls are always a site for sore eyes. I had friends that fasted for Ramadan and it amazed me how they were able to do it! xo

  • Summer - Kirsty, I’m so intrigued by your life and your pictures tell such an amazing story. Love these my talented friend.

  • Gorete - My mind often travels far when seeing images of your beautiful girls. I love seeing the colors and typography of your part of the world. Beautiful work Kristy!

  • Kate - What a perfectly lovely ordinary day. I really like that you get into the spirit of things

  • Janine - Love these, Kirsty! Little hands at the piano and the girls snug in the shopping trolley. It was lovely to talk to you the other day. I’m going to read your tips on Ramadan now. Jx

  • Mette - Lovely pictures, as usual! And thanks for the Ramadan-tips, as this will be my first Ramadan ;)

Summer Bucket List | Abu Dhabi Photographer

Tomorrow marks the last day of school and the start of our Summer fun – in case you’ve not noticed I can’t wait!!!! And that also means we can start ticking things off our Summer Bucket List that I mentioned in my last Letter to the girls. Whilst there’s nothing I like more than just hanging out and seeing how the pattern of the day goes, I also love this time for doing fun things together as a family. Like so many people I start off the holidays with such good intentions of all the things we’re going to do, and suddenly September is upon us and we’ve only done half – not this year!!! Inspired by the Happy Family Movement’s Summer Bucket List, we’ve signed up for their challenge and made our list.

The bonus for us this year is that Ramadan also falls in the summer – Ramadan means lots of different things to different people – for most it’s a time of reflection and a deeply religious month, for some it’s a time to escape because Abu Dhabi shuts down, but for us, it’s a time to hang out as a family as my hard working husband gets off work early – it’s like having a whole extra day with him every week, and we love that.

So without further ado here’s our list….And here’s some of last summer’s summer fun:Dwe hope to do lots more just hanging out at the pool this summer….(To my friend who owns the pool we were watering the plants, really!)

I’ll try and blog some of our fun activities and our progress through the list as summer passes, as well as some more of last summers antics

Have a great summer too, where ever you are, Kirsty xx

  • Carly - Can’t wait to follow along/live vicariously :) Have fun you crazy Larmours!!

  • Kate - Hoooooooray for summer holidays… it looks like you’ll have a wonderful, fun filled time :D and I love these pictures of the girls having fun too

  • Jenny Solar - Love the photos!! And your bucket list! SO glad you’ve joined us for the Summer Bucket List Challenge! Hope your summer is super!

  • Sarah B - Loooooooove the out of focus pics Kirsty, so arty. And looooove that you’re doing this with your girls

  • Debbie Wibowo - absolutely a summer they won’t forget!!! <3 <3 <3

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