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It’s Project 10 time again – that time when I’m supposed to post 10 pictures from a fairly average day, just to capture what life’s about in our family… and one of the things that life is about in my family is travel… so often my Project 10’s are of when we travel – and […]

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  • Kati - I love your travels! Indy and the faces she makes! Too funny! xx

  • Lena - Love love love reading your Project 10 posts and seeing images of your sweet girls! You guys are so cool with your exotic holidays and cool places you visit! And I LOVE seeing your unique perspective in images – just love it! Ok, maybe I used the word ‘love’ too much and I really love seeing your images:)

  • summer - once again…in love with your images and your adventurers Kirsty! xo

  • Debbie Wibowo - I love following your family journey through your images. What a nice day to spend exploring the market and the beach. And your images and pov are always lovely, as usual.

  • rowe - i ADORE your 10 on 10 this month! the one looking at the water from the pier… the fish market images are so colourful and beautiful even though i can imagine the smell wasnt so good after having visited a food market here in bali! my favourite image is the one of the girls holding hands with the people trying to sell them things… they are so brave just soldiering on! audrey hates the markets for that reason…

Some families are special – this family was one of those – I walked in and we chatted, and chatted, and chatted – and I captured them as we chatted…. it is one of my favourite lifestyle sessions ever – nothing too posed, just them being them, being comfortable doing their own thing, and just […]

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  • Janine - I love, love, love this type of session. Especially love sweet moments between family members. Beautiful work, as always.

  • Summer Murdock - Oooohhhhh, I adore this whole session Kirsty…so so good! xo

  • Kate - YES!!!! This is so real life – you can see their happy little faces and their real emotions without it being all posed – it’s just perfect

It’s got to be a record for me to blog twice in one day – especially in November which is without a doubt the busiest time of year for a photographer – but my internet broke today and instead of browsing Facebook, Pinterest and all the other time sucks that I get dragged into (don’t […]

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  • Debbie Wibowo - Ooooh…loooove this, Kirsty. You are soo good at lifestyle pic. I am sure they are very happy with the pics they received.

  • Kate - Another lifestyle session – not forced smiles for the camera – more real life – and they are just gorgeous

This little chap captured my heart – he had nothing but smiles and charm all through his shoot – and that coupled with the beautiful light in his parents house just made my job almost too easy!!! I can’t wait to see you again little Mr Handsome, love, Kirsty xx

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  • Debbie Wibowo - Toootally handsome. Those eyes will melt everybody’s heart.

  • SarahB - Future Heartbreaker!!! His Mommy needs to get that printed on a t-shirt!

I can’t even explain just how much I love this project – how sometimes everything just becomes overwhelming but writing these letters are my moments of peace… how sometimes as I formulate the words in my head the right set of photos comes to me – I knew right as I took these on day […]

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  • Amy Lucy Photography | Love Letters - […] and exceptional mother who lives life fully and presently. Please visit the blog of the sweet Kirsty Larmour | Abu Dhabi Photographer to see her photos and letter to her […]

  • Emma Wood - There could never be too many from you Kirsty. And these this week made me cry. I can’t put into words how your images translate your feelings and after spending time with you and the girls, I feel that more than ever. Your kind heart, your beauty from within and out and your ability to create a wonderful safe and exciting world for your sweet girls makes me want to be a better mamma – you inspire me and I adore you. <3

  • Amy Lucy - Ah, your photos never disappoint, Kirsty. Just stunning. I am always taken away, transferred to another place with your images and thoughts. Add this post to the long list of favorites from Kirsty. <3

  • Debbie Wibowo - Everytime I see pics of your girls, I always think how rich they are to be able to explore different places and parts of the world. I often wonder the same thing too, Kirsty about what would my kid be in the future. One thing I am certain is that your girls will be great in what they choose what they want to be because of the rich life experience they’ve been exposed to. xoxo

  • Kate - These pictures make me want to pack up and explore. Your words make me want to too. In Love.

It’s that time again… to document an ordinary day, of ordinary observations in 10 (or so) photos…. this was last week, just a regular old school and work day for us… followed by a ridiculously busy afternoon of chores and errands – no wonder I’m feeling so exhausted this week!!! Thank Goodness the Eid Holidays […]

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There is nothing I love more than working with creative people who’ve chosen me for the simple reason that they love my work – people who have their own ideas and direction for how they want to represent their brand, and yet let me do my thing too. From the minute I met the team […]

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  • Sarah B - These are gorgeous and captured in such a fun way. I think your favourite would be the moon, or maybe the hippo ;)

  • Debbie wibowo - Eep! I love them all but the hippo is my fave. Love the happy and colorful design. You did an amazing job capturing the happiness of the design with your adorable girls, Kirsty.

  • Katie - Perfectly done kirsty, I love them. And just look at Indy’s little pink pom poms and saffy with long hair :D

Sometimes I meet kids that are just a whole lot of sweetness bundled up on one neat little package – just like this little sweetie – who had her pictures taken on her first birthday And since I’m on a blogging roll and determined to catch up with myself, look out for more baby sweetness […]

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  • Sarah - Sooooooo sweeeeeet! What amazing eyes and captured in such beautiful light too

I love the other women that make up this project, but one who makes me nod at her wise words, and makes me laugh with her worldly thoughts is Rashmi – I hope I’ll meet her one day, but until that day I’ll just keep reading her blog… head over there now to read this […]

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  • Ginger Unzueta - I love your realness Kirsty, coupled with the optimism. We certainly all face hard days as mamas, as children, as people, but as we look and find the joy, the things to be grateful for within these times, somehow we find the peace we need. What a beautiful example of that this letter is to your girls.

  • Anna-Liisa - Ours has been a grumpy home this month too with lots of exhausted small and big people trying to get used to all the day to day things we have to cram in! Hooray for Eid holiday just round the corner to cheer everyone up! Love the colours in these photos Kirsty, they are very delicate. Xoxo

  • Debbie Wibowo - Oh Kirsty, I giggled reading your letter this month and I love your positive energy in seeing the good during the not so good days. It is the cloudy days and the sunny days that make our world a whole and what make us grow. I am sure that when they grow up and look back on those cloudy days, they would be able to say that your wisdom helped them go through it. …And those pictures are just perfect. You captured a beautiful sisterhood!

  • Sara T - Kirsty! “Down in the dump, grumpy guts”. I adore this saying and I will repeat it in my house one day, thanks to you. I do love your optimism even in those months you are trying to regain your life’s rhythm. It can be so difficult, but rewarding once the rhythm is reset and peace is restored. I adore the way you write with conviction. I don’t think you are delusional. I think this is the ebb and flow of life. I have my kids on a goal and point system complete with a checklist every morning. Mornings in our house are “golden”.

  • rowe - how i can relate to every word… how we love them more than life itself but they can make us crazy at times and on one hand we feel like it will never end and on the other we find ourselves dreaming of days where things feel normal again! sometimes it takes little longer than we hope to reach our happy place but when we do, we are so thankful because of the grumpy days! i like to think the grey cloud days are kind of a blessing in disguise! maybe thats just me? rowe x (p.s. love your imperfectly perfect film photos lovely)

  • Sarah C - I love this. So real, and so the image is so beautiful! We have plenty of times like these. Our four children are all so different and sometimes that is enough for them to get along so well, and then other times they are seriously outshouting each other and I am ready to hide in a corner lol! We also have a growler too so I may have gotten a giggle there. I love you and your sweet girls, and though we have never “met” in person I feel like you are a dear friend. Some day I hope our girls can meet, because I know my little ladies would adore yours!

I can’t believe I’ve not blogged these pics – especially when I’ve had someone as gorgeous as Charly in front of my lens!! Charly came to me on a school work placement and was a dream of a girl to work with – she assisted me on some shoots and learned some of the stuff […]

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  • Sarah B - Gorgeous girl and such a fun, different, interesting setting too – must have been fun to play around like that

  • Janine - Wow! Great shots in an amazing location! You must have been like a kid in a candy store with all that beautiful light and those textures. Beautiful. Jx

  • Rebecca - These are soooo great Kirsty. It’s not very often I fall in love with “Senior” photos. What a cool location. XO

I’m crazy behind on blogging and I really should try and catch up – so here goes… my first “trying to catch up” post. This gorgeous family I’ve got to know over the last few years in Abu Dhabi as the Mum is also a photographer – but the first time I managed to get […]

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  • Kate - Hooray!!! Back to blogging some AD gorgeousness – and such a lovely family to start with – that bottom picture is just bursting with personality

  • Jill - Such beautiful images Kirsty and a lovely family captured perfectly

  • Debbie W - Adorable kids. Love that big toothless smile and the little girl is a precious!

  • Janine - Such beautiful children!!….and parents too, of course. Lots of love there. Captured beautifully, Kirsty.

I missed last month!! My first time missing a month and I would have loved to have blogged some photos but we were travelling and had no internet and I actually didn’t even take a laptop – never mind, maybe one day I’ll backdate a post for last month! Anyway… to this month…. and some […]

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  • our project ten: september 2013 » Oh Lulu Blog - […] Please continue on to see what my friend Kirsty has been up to.  I can pretty much promise she won’t have boring dog adoption story narrative to wade through: […]

  • Debbie W - envy I am looking at Saffy and Indy spending quality time with their grandparents! That pic of Saffy trying to catch sugar is just awesome!

  • Catherine - I LOVE the pics and your Mum and Dad!!! Xx

  • kati - Your babies are getting so BIG!! Tell Saffy her hair looks beautiful! xx

  • Janine - Fabulous! The girls look so happy. I love the hand holding…and the flour in the kitchen light. Jx

  • Janine - ….I just read that it’s icing sugar…:-) I’m up past midnight with insomnia.

  • rowe - what a gorgeous adventure… cooking and exploring woods and fields all in one day! so pretty… the light in the kitchen in the icing sugar photos is crazy beautiful!!!

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