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Letter to my Daughters | November 2012

Now please head over and read the letter of my friend  Debbie Wibowo of D*Light Photography to her gorgeously sweet daughter – Debbie is a relatively new member to our group and I’m excited to get to know her through her letters…

Until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • Emma Wood - Kirsty your images never fail to amaze me, and it’s not beccause of your stunning location, it’s because you are a beutifiul connected photographer who sees thing that others miss. Another lovely blog post to your sweet girls. <3

  • Debbie Wibowo - Oh Kristy..what an awesome location and the pics where they stood on the roof of the car is super awesome! As a mom, I think of all us can definitely relate to more TV/movie time and I always feel guilty about it. I love reading the part how you spend the quality time with your daughters..cuddling and sharing stories. They sure are memorable.

  • amy grace - kirsty, your images are always so incredibly striking, so perfect. the places you find, that surround you seem to match your spirit. your daughters will know their mother as a force of nature, as someone who models the drive and hope and optimism that will get them where they dream of going. life gets busy, and sometimes in those times, we find our strength, resourcefulness and independence. they are finding their way with you as their loving guide, showing them their deep beauty. the quiet times in between that you describe are ever the more precious. it is your perfect. keep basking in that stunning light you find. you inspire me xoxo

  • Ginger Unzueta - Love your letter so much. I adore all of your work really!! I sometimes feel that guilt, of saying just a minute to much at times. But our love is what holds us through it all. Lovely !!!

  • Sarah Cornish - Oh Kirsty I so admire your honesty and I can relate a million percent! Your words really resonate with me and I know they are going to mean the world to your girls! I think this is one thing all of us mamas can relate to so well! Your images as always are absolutely breath taking. Those little ladies of yours couldn’t be any more gorgeous!!

  • Sara T - Oh WOW. Those of your girls on the top of the car and your eldest under the tree, the two of them hugging, my favs. I love that you “love them higher than the highest mountain and down again”. It is the best to hear how we express our love in a way they can comprehend. I think it is so lovely to hear about putting your “busies” into perspective and time of year. It is okay that we do have them watching more movies than we would like. And beans and toast? I want that recipe. I’ll bet it’s a good one 🙂 Beautiful, Kirsty.

  • Lena - I love your letters to the girls! And while I know how busy this time of year is for you (I myself had to resort to the TV more than i care to admit), you are such a wonderful Mom and your girls will have so amazing fond memories of their childhood. And toast and beans for dinner sounds pretty yummy to me! 🙂

  • shalonda - oooohhhh kirsty! i feel ya mama its def a pretty crazy time of the year…BUT…i love your outlook on it! WHen i quit my “real job” to be a mom i always heard that little ugly voice in my brain saying “but what will your daughters think of you, just staying home?!” then my life took this path and i found photography and i realized just how much they will learn from me and me “just staying home” 🙂 wonderfully said and beautifully finished…as YES THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR SNUGGLES. xoxo sweet friend

  • Val Spring - Oh Kirsty, you have no idea how identify I feel with this letter! It’s been the same way around here. You know you are not the only one. But what you said is so true. it’s good for them to see how hard you work to help have the lifestyle that you have and it’s ok for them to have to wait or to hear a “not today” every now and then. And as you said, there’s ALWAYS time for some snuggles. 🙂 I just love reading your letters and looking at the gorgeous photos of your sweet girls. Your life is so fun to watch from this side of the world! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  • Rashmi - Now I want beans on toast… reminds me of my childhood. 🙂
    I love what you wrote Kirsty.. this season is like that for all of us isn’t it? I am going to remember what you said.. that it is GOOD for the girls to see a hard working mum… that sometimes that is okay and they can fend for themselves a little more than usual. Just reading that I let go of a little bit of mom guilt I was feeling myself. I can’t wait to meet you someday.. i feel like we are kindred spirits. xo

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  • rowe - i adore these images of the girls! what beautiful, honest, heartfelt words too… this time of year is such a busy time… mummy guilt is so tough cause its a constant struggle trying to get the balance just right but you are an amazing mum and your girls are so lucky to have a mum who will inspire them to reach for the stars! if you work hard, anything is possible! i really love this project! rowe x

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