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And off to Bahrain | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I’m crazy behind on blogging and I really should try and catch up – so here goes… my first “trying to catch up” post. This gorgeous family I’ve got to know over the last few years in Abu Dhabi as the Mum is also a photographer – but the first time I managed to get…

Family Sweetness!

These guys are the cutest!! The best shoots ever are the ones when people open up their home and just let me do my thing while they just do their thing!! So if that means cuddles and tickles and rolling on the floor, then that’s what we do – and if it means Mum has…

This time with a new sister and the cat!

The last time I photographed this family there was just one little girl, and a tortoise in the shoot!!! This time we had an adorable new little sister, and the pet cat – I love families who like to keep me on my toes with these things!! 😉 So great to see you all again…

Gorgeous Mama | Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

OK, seriously, is this Mama to be gorgeous or what??? And when she told me she wanted her car in the photos I think I may have air punched!! Because I LOVE it when people make a shoot their own – when they include the things that make them happy – because it’s YOUR story I’m…

Precious new boy

It’s been a delight to watch this family grow – literally watching Mama as she blossomed and then finally as this gorgeous little boy arrived to join their family. A group of her friends bought the shoot as a gift for Mama at her baby shower which is such a perfect idea for a family…

The Adorables – Part 2

So following on from yesterday’s confession that i have a secret name for these two lovely sisters, part 2 is up. This sister had just had baby no.2 and he was just as adorable as the rest of the family, including his big brother and 2 big cousins! In fact the 4 boys together were sweet…

Sweet girl | Abu Dhabi newborn photographer

Let me say up front – this was a favourite session- we sat around drinking coffee, then snapping a few photos, then chatting about travels, then snapping a few photos, then listening to Christmas songs drift up from the school next door (my own kids school no less), then snapped a few more, then tried…

Awaited | Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

I met this gorgeous couple last year (yes, yes, we all know I’m a shockingly bad blogger!) – their sweet girl had been long awaited and their excitement about meeting her was contagious  I met them at this beautiful piece of woodland – it’s now been cleared which makes me so sad 🙁 Abu Dhabi…

The new addition | Abu Dhabi newborn photographer

f you saw their maternity shoot you already know how adorable this family were… so I knew how sweet they’d be as a foursome….Don’t you love just how content she looks with her sweet new little boy in her arms? Such a sweet big brother Until next time,  Kirsty x

Family of 3.. and a half… | Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

I loved hanging out at he beach late one sunny afternoon with these three – while they were still a threesome….We sang, and danced, and played peekabo and swang and made sandcastles 🙂 More of the new addition when he arrived coming soon 🙂 Until then…. Kirsty

The Cutest Toes | Abu Dhabi Newborn Photographer

I mentioned when I blogged their newborn shoot about how this little guy had the cutest little toes… and was I right??? Love their smiles here – it makes me smile every time I see this pic about how they just laughed and carried on when their little fella pooped – yup, that’s actually what they’re…

Waiting | Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

I loved this session – loved how excited they were about baby’s impending arrival… not to mention loved how amazing Mum-to-be looked and how she was game for so many ideas for her maternity shoot. Their gorgeous little newborn will be coming soon – let me tell you now, he has THE cutest little toes…

The Wheelbarrow again! | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

Another blog post that has been a long time coming – which is plain shocking because it’s one of my favourite families at my favourite beach and using that old favourite prop, the wheelbarrow – which just happens to live at that beach! (I swear you wouldn’t get me carting a wheelbarrow to shoots but…

Making memories | Abu Dhabi Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family down at the beach to make some memories the day before Daddy flew back to Afghanistan. I love that they did this – as military families or expats know all too well there are often times apart, and in those times photographs of our loved ones are so important. I’m…

Bunny to Beach | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

How could I not have blogged this little sweetie? It is such a delight when you go back to celebrate the first birthday of a baby you saw in the first week of life – you may remember that this was the baby we captured with her cat! Unfortunately the cat didn’t comply quite as…

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