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Project 10 April 2013 | the view from a train in India!

It’s Project 10 time already!!! Eeek!! We’ve only been back from our Spring Break travels a few days and I’ve hardly picked up the big girl camera since getting home so I delved into our holiday snaps for this edition – it was hard to know which day to pick – should it be one where we visited amazing Rajasthani Palaces? or when we went to Holi (ruled that out cos I just took far too many pictures!!) or maybe on our travels? Much as sightseeing is fun, the travel part is also fun so I decided on a day when we were travelling between places by train…. I have probably mentioned before but I am a huge train fan (geek??) I absolutely love to travel by train and I’m trying to infuse that into the girls too – with varying degrees of success!!

Down at the station, early in the morning…..

You can see another of my favourite train pics over hereFinally on the train!Scenes from the train….Her hair was still coloured from Holi (because my little rainbow girl refused to let us wash the rainbows out of her hair!!!!)counting the cows she saw on the rail side on her fingers:DRainbow bangles, and a rainbow unicorn tattoo – SO my Indy!!!!Time to start monkeying around and climbing up the bunks!They’re smiling because there’s a mirror behind my head – that’s what they’re looking at!!!the chai wallaand we arrived at our next destination – tired and weary, but serenaded by a gorgeous sunset…

I hope I’ll find time to edit and share some more India pictures soon – Now please do head on over to see my lovely friend Kati of Kathryn Rose Images in the States and see what she’s been up to this month….. until May…. Kirsty xx

  • storyboxart - I adore these, Kirsty! It brings back some childhood memories of riding trains, sleeping in the bunks, drinking chai, spotting monkeys on rides… And your girls are just so gorgeous!

  • Sarah - In LOVE with these images!!! The girls are always gorgeous but I love that you showed some of India too without glossing it up – just fascinating

  • our project ten: april » robyn oakenfold - [...] now you must go see my friend Kirsty’s day! [...]

  • Summer Murdock - Kirsty, I cannot even tell you how looking at your images makes me want to pack up all four kids and go get on an airplane and travel the world. Pangs of jealousy here because I know it will not happen in my near future. Too many amazing images to pick a fav but I really love the one if your daughters pig tail blowing in the wind…I want to be one of your adoption out of the question?

  • robyn oakenfold - i just love these, and makes me want to travel the world with my family. i am very envious of all you and your girls get to see. it is such a wonderful gift you are giving them. and let me know if you are ever planning a trip to Canada ;)

  • Kati - WOW! To walk in your shoes. sigh…I wanna take that train ride! xx

  • gorete - Kristy, these are amazing and your girls are just darling. So beautiful!

  • el - Just beautiful. What an amazing adventure!!! Lucky ducks!!! xo

  • Rowe - Your photos make me want to visit India so badly… I adore the last photo if the girls in the golden glow of the afternoon light! Pink piggy tails is a pretty close 2nd!

  • Life with Kaishon - Wow. What a fantastic trip. I love the sights you shared from just this one day. I love traveling with children : ).

  • lena - Loved the images! And you are right – they did make me homesick for India:)

  • Letter from Saffy from India » Letters from the Larmours - [...] Mama put some more pictures of us on the train on her work blog and you can see them over there [...]

  • Debbie W - I feel like I am there taking the trip with you! Love all the details shots. The train looks like a fun train. Love Indy’s colorful bangles, and the pic where wind blowing her hair is just lovely! They are so lucky to be able to explore the world.

  • efi panagoula - thank god you exist..! i travel every time i see your pics…!

Letters to my Daughters March 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

The group of ladies that share this project with me are amazing and none more so than Jess of Olive Avenue Photography in Minneapolis who has just adopted her 2nd daughter – I am pretty sure her letter will make me cry – her 2 daughters are just the sweetest little poppets.

  • amy grace - oh kirsty, you are made of sunshine. visually, i think these are my favorite set of images from you. they perfectly capture the color, the vastness of your love, the epic place you live, and her spirit. i think i fell in love with your little indy, and then to hear about her beautiful, free, spinning soul. i see her mama in her, through and through. it’s the light reflecting in her eyes…xoxoxo

  • Debbie - Kirsty, I’ve said it several times but I am going to say it again…she has the cutest face! I love seeing into her bright, playful eyes, and her sincerest smiles. I can totally see what you’ve described of her in your letter in her radiant face and smile. And I always love how you dress up your girls :)

  • Kati - Oh hon…. Where has the time gone? She’s such a beautiful girl and I love your written word. xx

  • Sarah - My goodness she is so precious, so full of light and life and your words just sing of the wonderful, if feisty, little person she is

Project 10 – March 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

It’s Project 10 time – the time when a group of photographers post pictures of a day in our lives. In theory, it’s supposed to be 10 pictures, one an hour over the course of a day – but this month I cheated, big style!! Yeah this post is HUGE!!! This month I documented Indy’s last day of being 4. We started celebrating her birthday a day early as my husband was off work that day – and for her special birthday treat this feisty kid of mine decided she wanted to go to the top… the top of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world!! So it took me just a few more than 10 photos to document the essence of this day of celebration… read on and see the view from the top, and what else we did, and then follow the circle round…

Early morning excitement – not only was it her birthday weekend, but she also had Pooky, the class bear for the weekend – I reckon he had a lot of fun with the Larmours!!The Larmours are leaving the building……Buying snacks for the journey from our friendly (!!) baker!!Dubai here we come!!!A sidetrip to Hamleys to choose a present from the cousinsIdling an hour away in a fabulous bookshop…..Here it is!!! The worlds largest building – The Burj Khalifa – all 828m of it!On our way…..Waiting for the lift – gotta tell you I think I was more worried about taking a lift all that way up than my possible vertigo at the top!! But they play nice soothing spa like music in it and it was so totally fine:DHeading to the 124th floor…..And we’re there – and WOW, what a view!!!The “Hang on…. we’re not really AT THE TOP???!!! I’ve been cheated” face…..  (Yup, the observation deck it at floor 124, but there’s actually more than 160 floors!!! Eeek!!)My fave pic of the day – me and my girls goofing around taking self portraits in the mirrors up on the top of the world!! And I didn’t realise at the time, but there’s hubby taking pics of us taking pics!!!!!!

(And no one can say I didn’t get myself in any photos this month;))

Standing on the edge!!Me and my big girl…One last look……And back on the ground…After all that excitement Indy chose sushi for dinner!Hmmmmm, what shall I have next??? Ah-ha, that one!!We then headed to watch the Dubai fountains – but got there a bit late and couldn’t see much other than the back of other peoples screens!!!Indy was still pretty enthralled…And back to the mall for cupcakes from the Hummingbird bakery – YUM!Goodbye Dubai….. thank you for a fabulous day to remember…….

Now head on over to  Efi from Studio 8 in Greece and see what she got upto this month…. and come back next month, Kirsty xx

  • Kate - What a wonderful day; what a lucky little lady Indy is; what a blessed family you all are – I loved seeing your day and reading about it, and especially that you were in so many pictures

  • Nancy - What a fantastic celebration! I love that you got in several, I forgot this month!

  • Sarah B - What a fab choice of birthday treat – way to go Indy!!! It’s great that you included so many pictures cos it gives us a real feel of what it’s like to go that far up which is just so exciting!!!

  • Kati - Oh my GOODNESS!! Can’t believe Indy is 5!!! Such a wonderful day she had! I would love to see that tower…but I would try and go to floor 160! hahaha xx

  • Kirsty - I wish you could have gone higher Kati, but that’s where the observation deck is!!! There’s a hotel in the tower though – maybe you could stay up there when you come to visit!!

  • Val Spring - Holy cannoli what a fantastic way to celebrate her last day of being 4!!! And I adore the way you documented it. You have such a beautiful family and I love “visiting” all these amazing places through each one of your posts!!! Hugs!!!

  • efi panagoula - WOW!!! i am amazed !! what a day, place and sweet photos!! love your family picture at the beginning!! your girls look so much like your husband! i wonder where we could go to actually celebrate these kind of days! surely not a 300 floor building around here !!!

  • efi panagoula - oh! and how much i loved the last two photos!!!!!!!!

  • Kirsty - I love playing and doing something different just for fun :D

  • Janine - She’s growing up! Why can’t our little ones just be little for longer…sigh. Seriously though, she’s such a doll. Jesse thinks it’s super cool that she’s wearing a 4. He wants to meet for a play date. Hmmmmm….tricky. Fantastic pictures of your day. Jx

  • Lena Antaramian - catching up on my reading so just read this post – I just reading about your adventures and seeing your images! LOVe them all (no surprise there!) but the image of your feet is my absolute favorite one! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend!

  • Angela Hudson - wonderful photography! the little girl is really so cute :)
    nice girl nice family. very good work.

  • Debbie W - I always enjoy seeing your life in the other part of the world, Kirsty. You and your family make it super fun and love the fact that all of you are adventurous people!

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Letters to my Daughters | February 2013

Now please head over and visit the oh so talented Julia of Julia Stotlar Photography – her carefree images and wonderful words to her daughter always fill me with warmth.

Until next month, Kirsty xx

  • Shalonda Chaddock - ha we too have a front tooth that is :taking forever to grow in” clearly for the same reasons hahahaha…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL SEVEN YEAR OLD kirsty! 7 is sure to be a year filled with wonder and magic for your princess!!!! xoxo sweet friend

  • Janine - seven is such a huge step up from 6, isn’t it?!! this is such a loving letter from a loving mum. HaPpY bIrThDaY, Saffy :D

  • Rashmi - Happiest of birthday to sweet Saffy. <3 Such a beautiful little girl, growing more and more into herself. Justin Bieber.. oh boy!

  • amy grace - kirsty, i love the way this was written. like a children’s book, with such lovely repetition and rhythm, drawing loops around all the things that make her who she is right now. it is going to change so much more. this is still so little, as you know. but drink in all of the little bits like this. your colors, your hope, your optimism. so much good about you is woven into these lines. as sad as the picture is, i am so touched that she cries at movies. empathy is a beautiful thing, that seems to be too rare. she is a gift, and so are you <3

  • helke - 太美丽!! so beautiful this letter…it’s all so true! thank you for expressing yourself and sharing it. happy 7 saffy!!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Happy 7th birthday, Saffy! I really enjoyed reading your letter, Kristy. I feel that there are so many connections there, being a sensitive girl and yep including the Justin Bieber. :) I really hope our girls can meet each other some day. Wishing you a magnificent seven, Saffy!

  • Sara T - Happy Birthday to your sweet Saffy. I adore her spunk. I love your letter to her all of the sameness, but about to changeness. Your energy is exquisite. I love that you lead her to explore and be independent and what coming of age really means to her. That it is okay that all of these beautiful things happen and to embrace them and mark the occasions and that they are important to her. That you understand the growing up process so deeply and that you remember when you were her age. It is so eloquent and lovely. Such a perfect birthday present to her.

  • Sandi - What a fun shoot! Loved it!

  • Kati - Oh my…where is the time going? 7!… Already?!! Happy Birthday beautiful Saffy! xx

Project 10, February 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I’m well into my 2nd year of this project and it continues to be a favourite, and yet sometimes I still kinda forgot to do it!! Ooops – this month I pulled together a collection of images from one day over a long weekend a couple of weeks ago – the long weekend coincided with my birthday, so despite the fact we’re usually a camping kinda family this time of year we took off to a fancy hotel up north for the weekend – oh, believe me, it was bliss!!! This was pretty much the only day we moved from the pool – we went over to breakfast, then hung at the pool, then had a nap, then hung at the pool some more, then went for a wander around the grounds and visited the stables, and then wandered back and had some dinner – not very strenuous at all and we loved it:)And it gave me a chance to play with my underwater camera again…Yes – I made it into a picture this month!!!! Blurry and obscured by water droplets but there all the same:)Yes, that is some camels on the dunes on the horizon – and there were gazelles and oryx roaming the grounds too

Now head on over to see my friend Kati of Kathryn Rose Images who has recently joined our little gang:)

Until next month , Kirsty xx

  • Kati - I love love LOVE those underwater images! Your adventures with your girls are always amazing. xxx

  • Val Spring - Holy cow these images are beyond amazing and they made me feel the warmth and fun you guys were all having. That place looks like a dream and so do your little girls! Loved the shot you are in, it’s just perfect! And you are inspiring me to get an underwater camera! I will have to go and pick your brain now ;). Thanks for always making me travel to the most amazing places through your beautiful images.

  • Amy Lucy - Once again, I am blown away by your work. Wow. Just WOW! xoxo

  • Janine - WOW. I could feel the warmth coming out of these images! The landscape is so inspiring. I understand why you guys camp out so much. Love the water pics and esp. the one including you. X

  • amy grace - you absolutely floor me with the epic scenes you create. and knowing this is your life, the wonderful, precious one we have, and that your girls get to revel in this kind of beauty…makes me love you so. what light, what joy. the water scenes are just pure memory. gorgeous kirsty…xoxoxoxo

  • Jody Ryan - I love these photos especially that you are in one xxx One is better than none xxx So love seeing your photos they take me back to the UAE and I’m not even going to mention how green I am about the underwater housing – so on my wish list xxx Just love every image.

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  • Summer Murdock - Wow, just came across your gorgeous work. In love with these images. Awesomeness.

  • rowe - oh kirsty… i think this is my most favourite 10 on 10 of yours ever! the under water blowing kiss photo is the best… and the second last one of the girls hidden a little behind the hill is breathtaking! i really love that you made it into a photo too… its become a 10 on 10 tradition for me! what an inspiring place to live ~ i totally want to come visit you and i want to go to this hotel! lets make that happen this year now that we live a little closer than we did last year xxx

  • efi - w o w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant even say how much i love these!!
    ( so glad you forgot about project 10 this month :P )

  • breeze floyd - Absolutely gorgeous day! So jealous of your weather!

  • Letter from Ras Al Kaimah » Letters from the Larmours - [...] and a gazelle strolled past!! FOR REAL!!!! I documented some of it on my Project 10 over on my work blog – and here are a couple of other [...]

Sewing Adventures | Abu Dhabi Commercial Photographer

Last year I got to know a lovely lady, a kids clothing designer living here in Abu Dhabi who designed the most gorgeous sweet girlie pieces, and the occasional piece for boys – and even luckier, before she moved back to the USA we got to work together on a shoot – with an Abu Dhabi flare:)

I really should have blogged these images sooner – eeek, bad blogger again – but she’s recently launched her website, Janum - with the perfect tagline “where adventures are sewn” – and it’s gorgeous – I feel so lucky to have met her and been able to capture these special Abu Dhabi moments,

Pop over and see some of her gorgeous work…. Kirsty xx

  • Debbie Wibowo - Love the gray dress with the knee high socks…and your daughters are always adorable.

  • Lena Antaramian - I love the images and the outfits! And these hairstyles look AWESOME on your girls! Don’t tell me that in addition to being a wonderful photographer and an all around great person you know how to braid their hair like that?! I am envious:)

  • Majd - Thank you Kirsty, I feel so lucky to have met you too. Your work is always gorgeous!

  • Kati - Love the light, clothing, and that AWESOME Door!! xxx

Letters to my Daughters | January 2013

I love this project – I love connecting with other gorgeous Mamas from all over the world…. Now head on over to see the letter and breath taking photos from my gorgeous friend Val of The Red Balloon Photography

P.S. Girls, remember that time when we chalked your hair rainbow colours? Remember the time you wanted to hula hoop and we went down to the port so you could have loads of space to run around? Remember how the police car drove past and waved to us? Remember how we stayed out till dark and you got filthy? Remember how Indy climbed up the chicken wire fence and almost gave Mama a heart attack? I remember…. I bottled up a piece of time that day…

  • Letter No. 4 » Sara Tegman Photography Blog - [...] click through our blog circle to Kirsty Larmour who is sure to have an amazing and inspirational letter to her [...]

  • Letters to Our Daughters | January 2013 » Minneapolis Photographer – Olive Avenue Photography - [...] 10 for this very special photography project I am participating in.  Please got visit the amazing Kirsty Larmour to follow the chain of letters from other photographer moms participating in Letters to Our [...]

  • Ginger Unzueta - I always enjoy reading your posts each month. I can relate so well to you. Your words—that all you want is time, you need nothing else. I can relate so well. No matter what we do, time seems to get this hold on us and it goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? I can tell you truly enjoy your girls and its beautiful!

  • amy grace - kirsty, your world is color and life and energy and SO much love. we all want that time i think. wish we could use it in different ways, try out choices, do it over and over. i am always struck by this feeling that you are teaching your girls so much about how to live IN the world. you are busy because you are engaged, doing things, experiencing wildly different places, making home about who you are, not where you are. i just cannot help feeling alive, happy, hopeful and lighter looking at these pictures. it’s one of your talents. they are sunshine and you know how to frame that perfectly. i love the mama you are.

  • Rashmi - Happy Happy Happy (three times) Birthday to you and your beautiful girls Kirsty! I hope your birthday wishes come true and you get to spend lots and lots of time and make many more wonderful memories with your two rainbow girls! Your photos are just so full of joy and colour and fun! xo

  • Kate - Every time… every time you floor me by saying the words I want to say… you say what Mums think but never find a way of putting down… and you illustrate so beautifully with such real life images Kirsty

  • Sarah B - I LOVE IT! But Kirsty, know you ARE bottling up time, by taking the time to sit and write and save these memories up like this, you’re ahead of the game on some of us sweetie xx

  • jaime lackey - how awesome and colorful are these. i would pause time about 100 times a day bc i want to remember a smell, or a hug, or a silly saying that my monkeys say, too. your girls look so fun and sassy!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Eek, Kristy..first I have to say that I love all the colors in the pics. They make me happy! :) I love the fact that you sing happy birthday in different language, I think that’s a cool idea. I totally agree with you about bottling up the time. Wish we can really do that. Love the P.S. part…you are one cool mom!

  • Sara T - Kirsty! Love all the color and movement and perspective of your sweet “Girlie Whirlie Pies”…is your letter ever more endearing? I love their glossy blonde hair, loving smiles and sassy sunglasses. I love that for your birthday you want to slow time and just be. I love your birthday traditions and signing in 3 different languages. I want to chalk my daughters hair in rainbow colors, but something tells me it shows up better on your babes hair. I loved reading about your sweet slice of life.

  • Lena Antaramian - So sweet and beautiful- both the images and your words! I can so related to everything you are saying about wanting to have time stand still…i feel that it is going by way too fast and before we know it the girls won’t be little girls any more and wont’ need their mamas as much as they do now….

  • Kati - Love. Love.Love!! xx

  • Janine - i’m having total girl envy right now. can i chalk up the boys hair and play with hula hoops as well?! happy birthday, everyone XO

  • Jody - Kirsty, I love your posts to your daughters. So special and the photos are beautiful xxx

  • Amy Lucy - Kirsty, you never fail to amaze me. Your images are absolutely stunning. I always get so lost in your blog! Your works resonate with me as I approach a birthday as well. What I wouldn’t give for more time! More time to take it all in, more time to capture it all, more time to just be present. xoxo

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