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I’m well into my 2nd year of this project and it continues to be a favourite, and yet sometimes I still kinda forgot to do it!! Ooops – this month I pulled together a collection of images from one day over a long weekend a couple of weeks ago – the long weekend coincided with […]

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  • Kati - I love love LOVE those underwater images! Your adventures with your girls are always amazing. xxx

  • Val Spring - Holy cow these images are beyond amazing and they made me feel the warmth and fun you guys were all having. That place looks like a dream and so do your little girls! Loved the shot you are in, it’s just perfect! And you are inspiring me to get an underwater camera! I will have to go and pick your brain now ;). Thanks for always making me travel to the most amazing places through your beautiful images.

  • Amy Lucy - Once again, I am blown away by your work. Wow. Just WOW! xoxo

  • Janine - WOW. I could feel the warmth coming out of these images! The landscape is so inspiring. I understand why you guys camp out so much. Love the water pics and esp. the one including you. X

  • amy grace - you absolutely floor me with the epic scenes you create. and knowing this is your life, the wonderful, precious one we have, and that your girls get to revel in this kind of beauty…makes me love you so. what light, what joy. the water scenes are just pure memory. gorgeous kirsty…xoxoxoxo

  • Jody Ryan - I love these photos especially that you are in one xxx One is better than none xxx So love seeing your photos they take me back to the UAE and I’m not even going to mention how green I am about the underwater housing – so on my wish list xxx Just love every image.

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  • Summer Murdock - Wow, just came across your gorgeous work. In love with these images. Awesomeness.

  • rowe - oh kirsty… i think this is my most favourite 10 on 10 of yours ever! the under water blowing kiss photo is the best… and the second last one of the girls hidden a little behind the hill is breathtaking! i really love that you made it into a photo too… its become a 10 on 10 tradition for me! what an inspiring place to live ~ i totally want to come visit you and i want to go to this hotel! lets make that happen this year now that we live a little closer than we did last year xxx

  • efi - w o w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant even say how much i love these!!
    ( so glad you forgot about project 10 this month 😛 )

  • breeze floyd - Absolutely gorgeous day! So jealous of your weather!

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Last year I got to know a lovely lady, a kids clothing designer living here in Abu Dhabi who designed the most gorgeous sweet girlie pieces, and the occasional piece for boys – and even luckier, before she moved back to the USA we got to work together on a shoot – with an Abu […]

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  • Debbie Wibowo - Love the gray dress with the knee high socks…and your daughters are always adorable.

  • Lena Antaramian - I love the images and the outfits! And these hairstyles look AWESOME on your girls! Don’t tell me that in addition to being a wonderful photographer and an all around great person you know how to braid their hair like that?! I am envious:)

  • Majd - Thank you Kirsty, I feel so lucky to have met you too. Your work is always gorgeous!

  • Kati - Love the light, clothing, and that AWESOME Door!! xxx

So, there are these 2 families – I’ve photographed them a few times between them – and both families are just called “Adorable” with a big capital A in my head!! I feel like I’m confessing my secret name for them here 😉 And it just so happens that the Adorables are sisters – so […]

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I love this project – I love connecting with other gorgeous Mamas from all over the world…. Now head on over to see the letter and breath taking photos from my gorgeous friend Val of The Red Balloon Photography P.S. Girls, remember that time when we chalked your hair rainbow colours? Remember the time you […]

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  • Ginger Unzueta - I always enjoy reading your posts each month. I can relate so well to you. Your words—that all you want is time, you need nothing else. I can relate so well. No matter what we do, time seems to get this hold on us and it goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? I can tell you truly enjoy your girls and its beautiful!

  • amy grace - kirsty, your world is color and life and energy and SO much love. we all want that time i think. wish we could use it in different ways, try out choices, do it over and over. i am always struck by this feeling that you are teaching your girls so much about how to live IN the world. you are busy because you are engaged, doing things, experiencing wildly different places, making home about who you are, not where you are. i just cannot help feeling alive, happy, hopeful and lighter looking at these pictures. it’s one of your talents. they are sunshine and you know how to frame that perfectly. i love the mama you are.

  • Rashmi - Happy Happy Happy (three times) Birthday to you and your beautiful girls Kirsty! I hope your birthday wishes come true and you get to spend lots and lots of time and make many more wonderful memories with your two rainbow girls! Your photos are just so full of joy and colour and fun! xo

  • Kate - Every time… every time you floor me by saying the words I want to say… you say what Mums think but never find a way of putting down… and you illustrate so beautifully with such real life images Kirsty

  • Sarah B - I LOVE IT! But Kirsty, know you ARE bottling up time, by taking the time to sit and write and save these memories up like this, you’re ahead of the game on some of us sweetie xx

  • jaime lackey - how awesome and colorful are these. i would pause time about 100 times a day bc i want to remember a smell, or a hug, or a silly saying that my monkeys say, too. your girls look so fun and sassy!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Eek, Kristy..first I have to say that I love all the colors in the pics. They make me happy! 🙂 I love the fact that you sing happy birthday in different language, I think that’s a cool idea. I totally agree with you about bottling up the time. Wish we can really do that. Love the P.S. part…you are one cool mom!

  • Sara T - Kirsty! Love all the color and movement and perspective of your sweet “Girlie Whirlie Pies”…is your letter ever more endearing? I love their glossy blonde hair, loving smiles and sassy sunglasses. I love that for your birthday you want to slow time and just be. I love your birthday traditions and signing in 3 different languages. I want to chalk my daughters hair in rainbow colors, but something tells me it shows up better on your babes hair. I loved reading about your sweet slice of life.

  • Lena Antaramian - So sweet and beautiful- both the images and your words! I can so related to everything you are saying about wanting to have time stand still…i feel that it is going by way too fast and before we know it the girls won’t be little girls any more and wont’ need their mamas as much as they do now….

  • Kati - Love. Love.Love!! xx

  • Janine - i’m having total girl envy right now. can i chalk up the boys hair and play with hula hoops as well?! happy birthday, everyone XO

  • Jody - Kirsty, I love your posts to your daughters. So special and the photos are beautiful xxx

  • Amy Lucy - Kirsty, you never fail to amaze me. Your images are absolutely stunning. I always get so lost in your blog! Your works resonate with me as I approach a birthday as well. What I wouldn’t give for more time! More time to take it all in, more time to capture it all, more time to just be present. xoxo

Let me say up front – this was a favourite session- we sat around drinking coffee, then snapping a few photos, then chatting about travels, then snapping a few photos, then listening to Christmas songs drift up from the school next door (my own kids school no less), then snapped a few more, then tried […]

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  • Kate - I love the whole normalness of this and the way they just seem to be taking a new baby in their stride, you can tell it must have been a fun shoot to sit around and drink coffee at 😉

  • Kati - How sweet is this new family?!! Awesome job and such lovely images!

Imagine waking up and starting a new year with this right outside your front door….. that’s how 2013 started for us….. The sun rose slowly and the girls ran around… throwing in a little gangnam style…. Playing run at/crash into/hug your big sister…..Seriously, love and laughter like this is contagious…. Hope your 2013 got off […]

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  • Rikki - Just fabulous Kirsty! Images are perfection as always, and your girls just get more and more gorgeous ♥

  • Janine - Amazing light! I love the girls outfits. Gorgeous smiles, as always. Jx

  • rowe - happy new year lovely! the light and the laughter… these images are just beautiful, as always! i love how colourful your girls always look!

  • Lena - What an awesome way to start a year! Hope this sets the tone and that 2013 is your most fabulous year yet! The images are amazing and the girls are beautiful! HUGS!


  • Kylie D - The girls look so rugged up that makes me think it mIght actually be cold – but the light is so gorgeous and warm!!! Perfect moments captured!

  • Natalie - Fabulous images, Kirsty! I love seeing photos of your girls! Happy New Year to you all!!!! : ) xx

  • Kati - Your girls crack me up! Do I really need to tell you that…you ROCK at taking amazing photos not only of your girls, but others too! xx

I failed miserably at documenting a whole day over the holiday period – we travelled so much, and saw so many people and well, generally just had too much fun!! So instead of a whole day, I have about 6 hours of one day… a morning walk with one lovely dog, and an afternoon walk […]

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  • Mary - So lovely to see you and such lovely photos – and doesn’t Dougal photograph well! He loved hanging out with the girls. x

  • rowe - you might not have captured the entire day but you captured so many gorgeous moments! i love seeing your kids all rugged up in their polka dot jackets looking as cute as can be… and those ear muffs are beyond adorable!

  • Janine - it looks cold!! but who cares when you’re rugged up in all the pretty gear. looks like a perfect day to me. i heart dougal & amber. they remind me of characters from a lynley dodd book. what a sweet surprise that you linked to my 10 on 10. thanks honey. you’re looking fashionably gorgeous in your SP. xo

Happy 2013 to you all. I’m just back from my travels and so I’ve not managed to make a slideshow of the past year as I’ve done before – but let it be said, 2012 was a wonderful year to me – I met new little people coming into the world, saw people in love […]

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  • Sarah B - Happy New Year – such a gorgeous start with your gorgeous girls Kirsty xx

  • amy grace - kirsty, happy new year to you and your family. everything you touch turns beautiful…i feel very lucky to have met you this year, and look forward to seeing more of your wild and precious life 🙂 and do you know that if i could go anywhere right now, take the kids and jump on a plane, it would ireland xoxo

  • Janine - Happy New Year! I look forward to more pics from your trip. Here’s to another year of achievement and growth. Jx

I met this gorgeous couple last year (yes, yes, we all know I’m a shockingly bad blogger!) – their sweet girl had been long awaited and their excitement about meeting her was contagious  I met them at this beautiful piece of woodland – it’s now been cleared which makes me so sad 🙁 Abu Dhabi […]

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  • Kate - Beautiful – she just glows and i love seeing people who just look so in love with the prospect of having a baby

Now please head over to the wonderful lady who inspired us all on this journey – the lovely Amy Lucy Lockheart | Minneapolis Photographer, to see her letter to her beautiful girls Until my first letter of 2013…. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a fabulous new year, Kirsty […]

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  • Ginger Unzueta - always love following your group and the heart of love you all share ….I adore that picture third down. your girls are just amazingly cute and always so full of love and life! xo

  • Sarah c - Oh gosh sweety these photos are a little bit of Heaven!!! I love how real they are! So much joy!!!! You have the most beautiful daughters!! I love that you all travel so much! Your girls are so blessed to see so much of the world and I can only imagine how grateful they will be to have been able to do that when they are older! You have such a special family and I just love following your adventures!!!

  • amy grace - kirsty, there is just so much joy in the eyes of your kids. there is no hint of a drop of anything phony or desired or manufactured. the happiness is pure as their beauty. the many layers of your life must be such an adventure, but must need an anchor too…and that is so obviously you, their mama. all of these layers which you navigate so naturally, with such a positive attitude, open to change, to new things, to love in all forms, is such a gift to your girls. so many of us get stuck, become afraid, live timidly. i get this strong and beautiful feeling that they are going to hold on to this joy and openness. i love this set of images. they could light up the world. i hope your christmas with them was wonderful and inspired new memories and traditions. xoxo

  • Tamar - Kirsty, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love following these ‘letters to my daughters’ series. What a great gift to them and how wonderful to be able to put down your words on paper. Moments are always fleeting and giving ourselves the gift of writing them down is beautiful. take care. Tamar 🙂

  • Sara T - Could your little loves be any cuter? They seem so excited to see snow! I love that you cherish all those traditions from different families and friends and make them your own. I love their laughter and fun-loving ways….they seem so close willing to do just about anything adventurous. Your youngest looks like she is just about making a heart with throwing snow. Looks like the perfect Christmas!

  • rowe - merry christmas to you, my dear friend! i love that you all live this nomadic life… every time i stop in and see photos of the girls in the desert or some peaceful island beach it makes me long to travel too! what an amazing adventurous life your girls live that im sure will make the open and accepting as adults… such a blessing! i cant wait for our adventures to begin… keep sharing the way you do x

  • Sarah Clayton - Such beautiful heartfelt words as always Kirsty. Love your letters project and think I may do this myself in 2013. Look forward to reading your next installment!

  • julia - These amazing images are so full of joy and excitement – they make me want to join in the fun!! I love this letter, Kirsty – how incredible that your daughters are getting to taste so much of all life has to offer. What a gift to them.

  • Kati - Hello Lovely. I love looking back with you. Saffy still has her front teeth. 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xxx

  • Debbie Wibowo - Love all your images, Kirsty..full of fun and really shows what a fun childhood. Your daughters are so lucky to be able to experience Christmas in different ways and countries, with different people. That’s sure a wealth of experience!

  • Kate - Kirsty, this is just so you – holding them together – giving them those bonds and giving certainty to those beautiful girls in an uncertain world – Happy New Year xx

Well as I mentioned in my last Letter to the girls this time of year get crayzeeeeee! And I totally ran out of time for my Project 10 – but never having missed a month I didn’t want to start now, so I shot it totally last minute – Today!! It was one of those […]

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f you saw their maternity shoot you already know how adorable this family were… so I knew how sweet they’d be as a foursome….Don’t you love just how content she looks with her sweet new little boy in her arms? Such a sweet big brother Until next time,  Kirsty x

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This all started when my daughter, Saffy became totally obsessed with the film The Wizard of Oz. It was topped off when early last year she saw some ruby red shoes and asked then (around March time) if she could have them for Christmas – she never wavered on what she wanted and the idea […]

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  • Sarah B - Kirsty this is just stunning and so amazingly executed with your flair in each and every picture. Congratulations on the features, well deserved x

  • Kate - Love, love, love, love, love!!!!!! Can I say how much i love this enough??? Such sweet girls and such sweet costumes and I love the rainbow-ness too

  • Oh Charly | Abu Dhabi Senior Photographer » Kirsty Larmour Photography – Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photography - […] Not only that, but she helped me pull together one of my favourite shoots to date – the Wizard of Oz Shoot (which if you’ve not seen you really should pop over and have a look at – it also […]

Now please head over and read the letter of my friend  Debbie Wibowo of D*Light Photography to her gorgeously sweet daughter – Debbie is a relatively new member to our group and I’m excited to get to know her through her letters… Until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • Letters to Our Daughters | November » Emma Wood Photography - […] through this blog circle of amazing women, starting with one of the loveliest and talented women Kirsty Larmour  The images she takes of her girls always blow me away and her letters are […]

  • Emma Wood - Kirsty your images never fail to amaze me, and it’s not beccause of your stunning location, it’s because you are a beutifiul connected photographer who sees thing that others miss. Another lovely blog post to your sweet girls. <3

  • Debbie Wibowo - Oh Kristy..what an awesome location and the pics where they stood on the roof of the car is super awesome! As a mom, I think of all us can definitely relate to more TV/movie time and I always feel guilty about it. I love reading the part how you spend the quality time with your daughters..cuddling and sharing stories. They sure are memorable.

  • amy grace - kirsty, your images are always so incredibly striking, so perfect. the places you find, that surround you seem to match your spirit. your daughters will know their mother as a force of nature, as someone who models the drive and hope and optimism that will get them where they dream of going. life gets busy, and sometimes in those times, we find our strength, resourcefulness and independence. they are finding their way with you as their loving guide, showing them their deep beauty. the quiet times in between that you describe are ever the more precious. it is your perfect. keep basking in that stunning light you find. you inspire me xoxo

  • Ginger Unzueta - Love your letter so much. I adore all of your work really!! I sometimes feel that guilt, of saying just a minute to much at times. But our love is what holds us through it all. Lovely !!!

  • Sarah Cornish - Oh Kirsty I so admire your honesty and I can relate a million percent! Your words really resonate with me and I know they are going to mean the world to your girls! I think this is one thing all of us mamas can relate to so well! Your images as always are absolutely breath taking. Those little ladies of yours couldn’t be any more gorgeous!!

  • Sara T - Oh WOW. Those of your girls on the top of the car and your eldest under the tree, the two of them hugging, my favs. I love that you “love them higher than the highest mountain and down again”. It is the best to hear how we express our love in a way they can comprehend. I think it is so lovely to hear about putting your “busies” into perspective and time of year. It is okay that we do have them watching more movies than we would like. And beans and toast? I want that recipe. I’ll bet it’s a good one 🙂 Beautiful, Kirsty.

  • Lena - I love your letters to the girls! And while I know how busy this time of year is for you (I myself had to resort to the TV more than i care to admit), you are such a wonderful Mom and your girls will have so amazing fond memories of their childhood. And toast and beans for dinner sounds pretty yummy to me! 🙂

  • shalonda - oooohhhh kirsty! i feel ya mama its def a pretty crazy time of the year…BUT…i love your outlook on it! WHen i quit my “real job” to be a mom i always heard that little ugly voice in my brain saying “but what will your daughters think of you, just staying home?!” then my life took this path and i found photography and i realized just how much they will learn from me and me “just staying home” 🙂 wonderfully said and beautifully finished…as YES THERE IS ALWAYS TIME FOR SNUGGLES. xoxo sweet friend

  • Val Spring - Oh Kirsty, you have no idea how identify I feel with this letter! It’s been the same way around here. You know you are not the only one. But what you said is so true. it’s good for them to see how hard you work to help have the lifestyle that you have and it’s ok for them to have to wait or to hear a “not today” every now and then. And as you said, there’s ALWAYS time for some snuggles. 🙂 I just love reading your letters and looking at the gorgeous photos of your sweet girls. Your life is so fun to watch from this side of the world! Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  • Rashmi - Now I want beans on toast… reminds me of my childhood. 🙂
    I love what you wrote Kirsty.. this season is like that for all of us isn’t it? I am going to remember what you said.. that it is GOOD for the girls to see a hard working mum… that sometimes that is okay and they can fend for themselves a little more than usual. Just reading that I let go of a little bit of mom guilt I was feeling myself. I can’t wait to meet you someday.. i feel like we are kindred spirits. xo

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  • rowe - i adore these images of the girls! what beautiful, honest, heartfelt words too… this time of year is such a busy time… mummy guilt is so tough cause its a constant struggle trying to get the balance just right but you are an amazing mum and your girls are so lucky to have a mum who will inspire them to reach for the stars! if you work hard, anything is possible! i really love this project! rowe x