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I hope I’ll be able to catch up on some of my blogging this summer – I have so much fun from last summer to share… but for now, please head on over to the next letter – one of my favourite “keepin’ it real” ladies – she always has a lesson in motherhood for […]

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  • Sarah Cornish - Oh gosh, those sandy bottoms are SO part of summer. Now we have poolside wediges (we miss the beach so) but i can relate to every image you posted. These are precious! Your summers sound so much like ours, Kirsty. Your girls are going to have so many beautiful memories to look back on. You are such a special mama! I love following your adventures and travels too.

  • Rashmi - Love the photographs of your sweet girls. We have to make our summer bucket list too. I feel sad that this year I am working more because of the studio (rent!) and so the girls will be in a couple of camps… i love our lazy summers of the past. We need to meet soon friend.. our girls would get along so well, and so would we. xo

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  • Katie - Love this one kirsty because you always make life fun and yet so down to earth for the girls. They will grown up to always treasure that – have a fabulous summer xx

  • Vinita - Love the summers and lovely images and so nice that you keep this up!! Any chance to meet in India this summer?xx

  • Kirsty - Thanks Vinita 😀 not heading to India this summer – think we’ve done our big India trip for the year with going to Holi in March!!

  • Janine - It all sounds perfectly wonderful 🙂

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I’ve always been one who doesn’t take the path of least resistance – I’ve always pushed myself to keep learning, to keep being an observer, to stay true and authentic, but to grow and be open to change and new experiences – I try to do this in life, and in photography… but often this […]

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  • Alysha - These pictures are beyond gorgeous. They speak the language of decades; perfectly aged yet still so modern. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing them with us all <3

  • Kate - These just have that classic film look, but the whole beautiful, real, Kirsty feel about them. I love that you pushed yourself and did this – I want to see more now – please take more.

  • alpana - gorgeous, Kirsty! And so much more special to create these memories with your grandfather’s camera.

  • Kylie D - These are all just perfect – because they are raw, they are your vision and you and your beautiful gal just hanging out. what more could anyone want? I know I would like to see more please…..kx

  • Lena - Kirsty – love this post!! I think all of us feel a bit vulnerable sometimes (although you definitely don’t have a reason to!) and it is such a inspiration to see you push past those vilnerabities and with such amazing result. Love these images and how happy Indy is! Xoxo!

  • Summer - In love. Film scares me for those same reasons Kirsty. And light meter ap? I’m going to look for it right now. These are awesome and the fact that they were taken with your grandfathers camera makes them even more awesome.

  • Jill - Hey there Kirsty! you’ve discovered the magic of film! ah, I can’t wait to see where this takes you. beautiful treasures you got there.

  • Sheye Rosemeyer - Gorgeous Kirsty. So much inspiration right what you do.
    Sheye xo

  • Janine - This fits you so perfectly. I hope you make this a regular habit. And you know how much I adore your little muse. Jx

  • Mum - your Grandad would have been so proud of you.They are so sharp and real Indy looks as if she could step out of the page. You must do more ,you have such a talent

  • Shamma - this is amazing, i was wondering can people book photoshoots with you? and how much would it cost for pictures taken?

  • Canon AE-1 Program {Film photography} - Janine Coveney Photography | Janine Coveney Photography - […] by friends who shoot film, including Kirsty Larmour & Ninka […]

Project 10 time again – 10 photos throughout one day day… I’ve been totally inspired by a project some of my photographer friends have been doing called “Kids were here” (See Summer and Ginger‘s take on this). It’s a project that documents the little ways our kids make their presence felt – I think we […]

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  • alpana - so lovely to have a glimpse into your kids’ world! I miss seeing their adorable faces but this is the next best thing:-) Their reading reminds me of what I used to read as a kid – Famous Five and Secret Seven. They aren’t as popular in the US but I got R a few books when I went to India last!

  • robyn oakenfold - how wonderful are these. your simple daily items really makes me so very happy… it is a quiet glimpse into your days. but i agree with alpana… i miss your sweet girls. oh and i must look up some of those books for my girls.

  • Summer - Umm yeah, we all have lipgloss, pink cups and pencil sharpeners all lined up on our couches. Ha. Love every one Kirsty. I’m convinced these kinds of photos will open the memory floodgates in a different way than any others we take. You amaze me. Xo

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this project over a year now – I honestly can’t imagine not doing it now – it’s something I treasure so much. Now please head on over to visit the wonderful friend I am so thankful to for believing in me and asking me to be a part of […]

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  • jess - love this kirsty…such wise words that we often overlook in our busy lives. and these images? perfection. xo

  • Wendy laurel - I love these photos!! The tree and the girls and their outfits. Beautiful.

  • courtney - oh kirsty! i love the images + your wise words. love.

  • Janine - Trees are amazing and another thing we sometimes take for granted. Great post, Kirsty. I agree wholeheartedly with your wise words. X

  • Emma Wood - Your letters are always so beautiful and so very close to my heart. Your girls so often remind me of my own and I see and feel the love that you have for them in every word and image. <3

  • julia - I am completely crazy about these images, Kirsty!! So beautiful and so full of the essence of childhood. It really is all about the little things, isn’t it <3

  • Nai Nai and Ye Ye - We take your wise words to our own hearts, and remember our grandgirls climbing trees in the Dordogne and AD, and making scones where/whenever we meet. All luv. NN +YY

  • Kylie d - You amaze me every month with your beautiful words and of course fabulous images. Your girls are very lucky to have you as their Mamma. Kx

  • carie - i love following your blog. please, please!! Where are these incredible rompers from??? this post truly captures discovery in childhood.

  • Kirsty - Carrie, thank you, and they’re from The Measure

  • Ginger Unzueta - I love this Kirsty ..of course the pictures are beautiful filled with gorgeous light, but your words. Such wonderful reminders to share with our children. We try to share this and root it in ours as well. That every day together is a gift . What we have is lovely and we are blessed and grateful to God but truly what we are most grateful for is the simple things. The love that is all around us through any type of say we have that and that is golden. Love your family so much!

  • Katie Ebenezer - Simply gorgeous 🙂

  • amy grace - kirsty, you are giving them a map. a wise, honest, carefully drawn map. and teaching them that feelings go with it, and that they are their own sources. you pictures…off the charts gorgeous. tree climbing is an obsession in my house. and we live somewhere in which there is a shortage 🙂 this tree, their wide open, joyful faces, illustrate the very thing you are telling them. i love your pictures. they make me feel happy. from this far away. happy and free. but kirsty, you are the best mother. i always leave with that knowledge. xoxo

  • Debbie Wibowo - Oh be still my heart! Absolutely ADORE the pics, Kirsty. They are just sooo cute and scream a fun-filled childhood. I also agree with what you wrote in the letters. Beautiful things come in small packages…xoxo

  • shalonda - KIRSTY!!!! oh how these images just capture the magic of childhood…and are a beautiful depiction of your words…it IS the little things that make the biggest impact! xoxo sweet friend

  • Sara T - I love the color and light in these. Those outfits are so darn cute. What is more quintessential than capturing your girls climbing trees? I love your words and the talks you have about being happy, keeping happiness and that it comes from within. Always adore their sweet faces and your letters of endearment. XOXO

I always ponder about what to photograph for my Project 10 – sometimes it’s a scramble at the last minute, or pulling something together from a day over the previous month – sometimes it’s more deliberate, sometimes it’s the every day moments, and sometimes it’s a big day or a special event for us… this […]

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  • efi panagoula - colorful Kirsty as always!!! love the superwoman / rainbow girl!!

  • alpana - your photos always make me smile, Kirsty! Your girls are just so gorgeous. One can never have enough rainbow anything!

  • Nancy - LOVE the rainbow girl idea! I think my youngest thinks “rainbow” is an actual color 😉 My fave is the shot of her dashing to school. Awesome!!

  • gorete ferreira - You are creating such sweet memories! I think your ladies would get along great with my girls:)

  • Sarah - Awwwww, how perfect is she? Love her creativity and attention to detail and how perfectly HER it is <3

  • Kylie D - Rainbow girl – you will indeed go far in this world… I have no doubt of that – your spirit is always captured so beautifully by your Mumma. Kx

  • amy grace - i feel like this month embodies all the color and independence and tenderness that is your life with your girls…you always reach me. you, my dear, are the rainbow. xoxo

  • Sarah - Beautiful story and images. Indy’s spirit shining through – gorgeous!

  • Kati - LOVE IT!! Rainbow Girl…how clever is she? You’re such a wonderful mom! xxx

  • rowe - such a perfect thing to document and the images tell the story perfectly! i adore the ones of the rainbow hair, her little rainbow nails and the super cool tattoo! the last one is so beautiful… gorgeous 10 on 10, as usual!

  • Lynet Witty - AKkk! I die of how cuteness she is! I love this! The chalk colored hair! Rainbow necklace! And that foto with her cape flying–great captures!

OK, seriously, is this Mama to be gorgeous or what??? And when she told me she wanted her car in the photos I think I may have air punched!! Because I LOVE it when people make a shoot their own – when they include the things that make them happy – because it’s YOUR story I’m […]

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Is anyone else cold? I was sitting at my desk feeling unseasonably cold while editing this morning, which is ridiculous given we live in one of the hottest countries on earth, and it’s APRIL!!! what I needed was some nice warm pictures to make me feel happy and sunny…. so here goes….. Last summer my […]

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  • Sarah - They are GORGEOUS!!!! And what a beautiful setting and stunning light – they must have just looked perfect as flower girls together. Love seeing little snippets of your travels too – so different from AD.

  • Kate - How gorgeous and colourful and full of fun they are. This is surely how childhood should be? A little whimsy, a little fun, a lot of love…

  • Kati - Such Fun! Love the light and those smiles! xx

Now please head over to see what the wonderful Julia of Julia Stotlar Photography is sharing with her beautiful daughter Wren…. until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • letters to our daughters, april | a beautiful life photo - […] a rainbow, whose pictures are beautiful and epic, and whose heart is as deep and real as they come, Kirsty Larmour. Categories: letters to our daughters Leave a […]

  • jess - love this! such great advice and words for living. i’m sure their laughter will drown out those old ladies any day :).

  • Amy Lucy - Kirsty, every time I visit your blog my face lights up with a giant smile. Your images capture the joy and freedom and light that is childhood. Your words are so true, and ones that we should all take to heart. Next time it rains here, I’m taking my kids out to jump in puddles. xoxo

  • amy grace - kirsty…first of all, i was making sounds when i looked at these pictures. ohhs and ahhhs like crazy. because oh, the joy you capture. it’s as if you have a magic wand and are able to transform a scene into the way we feel it move. stunning and epic and wonderful pictures. “that day it rained”, and then your honest kind of humor. and the words – i read this twice, the second time to soak up the advice for myself. it was so relevant to me too, at thirty five, after some things that left me feeling shaken. you are such a pleasure to know. and these girls are as beautiful and alive and LUCKY as their mama. xoxo

  • summer - AHHHH…the joy of the simple things…in love here! And YES dirt washes off…these are the carefree and glorious things childhood memories are made of! Your kids will have more of these kinds of memories than most Kirsty! They are so blessed. And the negatives that happen to all of us are the things that help us to grow and enjoy life ironically…it’s one of the VERY most important lessons to be learned if you want to be happy in my opinion! Just love every word and image!

  • shalonda - OMG kirsty your ps was so wonderfully perfect i laughed out loud and signed all at the same time. WOW so simply perfect. and holy wow i adored that last images when you posted it to Facebook but the others…they take my breath away. you are incredible my friend

  • julia - Oh Kirsty, these images make me SO HAPPY!! I feel as if I can hear them splashing and laughing, and it makes my heart soar. Your letter resonates with me as well – such wonderful advice for your sweet girls…splash away!

  • Emma Wood - Kirsty, you amaze me more the more I know you. Your images are so special. I’ve felt a connection to them ever since I first ‘met’ you and now that I’ve really met you I think they are even more beautiful to me then ever. You have the ability to take ordinary moments and make them little works of art and your words to your sweet girls are so tender and precious. I’m really really looking forward to our next meeting. <3

  • Rashmi - Kirsty, your two beautiful girls, they are a rainbow of life colours.. i always feel so JOYFUL when I see their photographs. It makes sense though, they have a mother who shines such a strong light on them, showing them the way and that light is refracted by the prism that is life, in turn showing is the beautiful rainbow of colours that is your girls. <3

  • Debbie W - I love you, Kirsty for letting your daughters play in the puddle! 🙂 I so completely agree with you. Sometimes we are so afraid of doing things that other people put label on, that it takes away the real fun in live! And I so agree with you about growing from the negatives. I tell that to Jo too, but you said it more beautifully. And I so adore those pics, Kirsty! The jump in the puddle, emptying the rainboots…such a perfect childhood. xoxo

  • Kati - This project is amazing and your girls will cherish your words. xx

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  • storyboxart - I adore these, Kirsty! It brings back some childhood memories of riding trains, sleeping in the bunks, drinking chai, spotting monkeys on rides… And your girls are just so gorgeous!

  • Sarah - In LOVE with these images!!! The girls are always gorgeous but I love that you showed some of India too without glossing it up – just fascinating

  • our project ten: april » robyn oakenfold - […] now you must go see my friend Kirsty’s day! […]

  • Summer Murdock - Kirsty, I cannot even tell you how looking at your images makes me want to pack up all four kids and go get on an airplane and travel the world. Pangs of jealousy here because I know it will not happen in my near future. Too many amazing images to pick a fav but I really love the one if your daughters pig tail blowing in the wind…I want to be one of your adoption out of the question?

  • robyn oakenfold - i just love these, and makes me want to travel the world with my family. i am very envious of all you and your girls get to see. it is such a wonderful gift you are giving them. and let me know if you are ever planning a trip to Canada 😉

  • Kati - WOW! To walk in your shoes. sigh…I wanna take that train ride! xx

  • gorete - Kristy, these are amazing and your girls are just darling. So beautiful!

  • el - Just beautiful. What an amazing adventure!!! Lucky ducks!!! xo

  • Rowe - Your photos make me want to visit India so badly… I adore the last photo if the girls in the golden glow of the afternoon light! Pink piggy tails is a pretty close 2nd!

  • Life with Kaishon - Wow. What a fantastic trip. I love the sights you shared from just this one day. I love traveling with children : ).

  • lena - Loved the images! And you are right – they did make me homesick for India:)

  • Letter from Saffy from India » Letters from the Larmours - […] Mama put some more pictures of us on the train on her work blog and you can see them over there […]

  • Debbie W - I feel like I am there taking the trip with you! Love all the details shots. The train looks like a fun train. Love Indy’s colorful bangles, and the pic where wind blowing her hair is just lovely! They are so lucky to be able to explore the world.

  • efi panagoula - thank god you exist..! i travel every time i see your pics…!

The group of ladies that share this project with me are amazing and none more so than Jess of Olive Avenue Photography in Minneapolis who has just adopted her 2nd daughter – I am pretty sure her letter will make me cry – her 2 daughters are just the sweetest little poppets.

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  • amy grace - oh kirsty, you are made of sunshine. visually, i think these are my favorite set of images from you. they perfectly capture the color, the vastness of your love, the epic place you live, and her spirit. i think i fell in love with your little indy, and then to hear about her beautiful, free, spinning soul. i see her mama in her, through and through. it’s the light reflecting in her eyes…xoxoxo

  • Debbie - Kirsty, I’ve said it several times but I am going to say it again…she has the cutest face! I love seeing into her bright, playful eyes, and her sincerest smiles. I can totally see what you’ve described of her in your letter in her radiant face and smile. And I always love how you dress up your girls 🙂

  • Kati - Oh hon…. Where has the time gone? She’s such a beautiful girl and I love your written word. xx

  • Sarah - My goodness she is so precious, so full of light and life and your words just sing of the wonderful, if feisty, little person she is

  • Emma Wood | Emma Wood Photography • Letters to our Daughters | March - […] this circle and read more letters from some of the most inspiring women I know, starting with  Kirsty Larmour   Her images of her sweet girls are always […]

It’s Project 10 time – the time when a group of photographers post pictures of a day in our lives. In theory, it’s supposed to be 10 pictures, one an hour over the course of a day – but this month I cheated, big style!! Yeah this post is HUGE!!! This month I documented Indy’s […]

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  • Kate - What a wonderful day; what a lucky little lady Indy is; what a blessed family you all are – I loved seeing your day and reading about it, and especially that you were in so many pictures

  • Nancy - What a fantastic celebration! I love that you got in several, I forgot this month!

  • Sarah B - What a fab choice of birthday treat – way to go Indy!!! It’s great that you included so many pictures cos it gives us a real feel of what it’s like to go that far up which is just so exciting!!!

  • Kati - Oh my GOODNESS!! Can’t believe Indy is 5!!! Such a wonderful day she had! I would love to see that tower…but I would try and go to floor 160! hahaha xx

  • Kirsty - I wish you could have gone higher Kati, but that’s where the observation deck is!!! There’s a hotel in the tower though – maybe you could stay up there when you come to visit!!

  • Val Spring - Holy cannoli what a fantastic way to celebrate her last day of being 4!!! And I adore the way you documented it. You have such a beautiful family and I love “visiting” all these amazing places through each one of your posts!!! Hugs!!!

  • efi panagoula - WOW!!! i am amazed !! what a day, place and sweet photos!! love your family picture at the beginning!! your girls look so much like your husband! i wonder where we could go to actually celebrate these kind of days! surely not a 300 floor building around here !!!

  • efi panagoula - oh! and how much i loved the last two photos!!!!!!!!

  • Kirsty - I love playing and doing something different just for fun 😀

  • Janine - She’s growing up! Why can’t our little ones just be little for longer…sigh. Seriously though, she’s such a doll. Jesse thinks it’s super cool that she’s wearing a 4. He wants to meet for a play date. Hmmmmm….tricky. Fantastic pictures of your day. Jx

  • Lena Antaramian - catching up on my reading so just read this post – I just reading about your adventures and seeing your images! LOVe them all (no surprise there!) but the image of your feet is my absolute favorite one! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend!

  • Angela Hudson - wonderful photography! the little girl is really so cute 🙂
    nice girl nice family. very good work.

  • Debbie W - I always enjoy seeing your life in the other part of the world, Kirsty. You and your family make it super fun and love the fact that all of you are adventurous people!

  • Postcards from our neighbourhood » Letters from the Larmours - […] a favourite place just next to our building – they make the best huge breads (you can see here and […]

Now please head over and visit the oh so talented Julia of Julia Stotlar Photography – her carefree images and wonderful words to her daughter always fill me with warmth. Until next month, Kirsty xx

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  • Shalonda Chaddock - ha we too have a front tooth that is :taking forever to grow in” clearly for the same reasons hahahaha…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BEAUTIFUL SEVEN YEAR OLD kirsty! 7 is sure to be a year filled with wonder and magic for your princess!!!! xoxo sweet friend

  • Janine - seven is such a huge step up from 6, isn’t it?!! this is such a loving letter from a loving mum. HaPpY bIrThDaY, Saffy 😀

  • Rashmi - Happiest of birthday to sweet Saffy. <3 Such a beautiful little girl, growing more and more into herself. Justin Bieber.. oh boy!

  • amy grace - kirsty, i love the way this was written. like a children’s book, with such lovely repetition and rhythm, drawing loops around all the things that make her who she is right now. it is going to change so much more. this is still so little, as you know. but drink in all of the little bits like this. your colors, your hope, your optimism. so much good about you is woven into these lines. as sad as the picture is, i am so touched that she cries at movies. empathy is a beautiful thing, that seems to be too rare. she is a gift, and so are you <3

  • helke - 太美丽!! so beautiful this letter…it’s all so true! thank you for expressing yourself and sharing it. happy 7 saffy!!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Happy 7th birthday, Saffy! I really enjoyed reading your letter, Kristy. I feel that there are so many connections there, being a sensitive girl and yep including the Justin Bieber. 🙂 I really hope our girls can meet each other some day. Wishing you a magnificent seven, Saffy!

  • Sara T - Happy Birthday to your sweet Saffy. I adore her spunk. I love your letter to her all of the sameness, but about to changeness. Your energy is exquisite. I love that you lead her to explore and be independent and what coming of age really means to her. That it is okay that all of these beautiful things happen and to embrace them and mark the occasions and that they are important to her. That you understand the growing up process so deeply and that you remember when you were her age. It is so eloquent and lovely. Such a perfect birthday present to her.

  • Sandi - What a fun shoot! Loved it!

  • Kati - Oh my…where is the time going? 7!… Already?!! Happy Birthday beautiful Saffy! xx