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Princess Spotella of Spotland

There’s a new Princess in town – and she’s not too happy about things….. We’ve been suffering chicken pox here these last 3 weeks and Saffy in particular isn’t a happy camper. I don’t think it’s the itching or the pussy spots that are bothering her as much as not being able to go to…

A Royal Wedding Celebration | Abu Dhabi Child Photographer

I can’t resist a party – and being British, there is no better excuse to celebrate than a Royal Wedding – so when it was suggested that  I did a Royal Wedding themed shoot I was almost giddy with excitement! I gathered together 6 of the cutest kids in Abu Dhabi (OK, I’m so totally…

Rock the Casbah | Abu Dhabi Commercial Photographer

So you know how passionate I am about photography? And travel? And how I have a mild obsession with dressing my girls in gorgeous, unique, handcrafted designs? Well imagine if I got to do all of that? Together? Oh yeah, that’s the kind of stuff that gives me palpitations!!! So, there I am, e-chatting away…

Happy Valentines Day ♥♥♥

Kirsty xx

Crazy week!!

Last week was a crazy week – we all have them sometimes… we had 2 birthdays and Chinese New Year celebrations in our home, and all had to be done in style! There was dragon making….. And of course my Chinese girls insist on celebrating Chinese New Year properly… including showing off their awesome chopstick skills!!!…

Muddy Puddles | Abu Dhabi Photographer

Anyone that’s been a long time reader of my blog knows that when it rains here in Abu Dhabi it causes great excitement! We really don’t get much of it! So as is customary, the girls and I headed out this morning to jump around in some muddy puddles! Imagine the state they were in…

Winter Wonderland….

I did promise more snow pictures – and I gave a very sneaky peek on Facebook… but here we are… I soooo love this stage Saffy is at right now where if I suggest doing a few photos she agrees to 5 minutes and we just go for it!!! I brought the big fluffy hat…

2010… A review…

I so love what I get to do for a living… meeting the amazing families of Abu Dhabi, and further afield, and reconnecting with former clients who’ve now become friends is just wonderful.  I feel very blessed, and honoured to be able to capture memories and just a little bit emotional when I go back through…

Storytime in the forest

I wanted to do another more styled shoot while we were out in lush woodland kast time we were in England (English woods are just so magical) so we brought along some of my old childhood storybooks (I think some of them might even be from my Mums childhood too!) I love little shoots where you…

‘Twas the week before Christmas….

…and we are having So.Much.Fun…    and it’s the first time my girls have ever seen snow….  so indulge me sharing a few snap shots of their fun!!! I just can’t get enough of them playing in it….   and throwing it – they reeeeeeally seem to love throwing it-  though it’s so fluffy it doesn’t form…

Going on a Trip | Abu Dhabi/England Child Photographer

I’m off on a trip, to cold and frosty England to spend my first Christmas there in 10 years – I am beyond excited about this – I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forwward to my Mums special Christmas treats!!!! Last time we were in England I took these of my girls off…

The country where we live | Dubai Photographer

Happy 39th National Day! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day and enjoying all the festivities. We don’t get an awful lot of free time in our family, what with me working weekends, but a couple of weeks ago my hubby had exams in Dubai and we all went up and after his exams…

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Hi, I'm Kirsty, a lifestyle photographer and photography educator who lives in India. My approach to photography is to capture real life – with a little sparkle on top fueled by my obsession with pretty light. I want to treasure the moments that need to be remembered.

Grab a cup of tea and have a roam around my blog to see my photography style and ideas. (Check out the Details section up there on the menu bar, and the FAQ's for lots of info too). I post pictures on here from recent photo sessions, as well as some personal photo projects and some ramblings about life in general. Leave some love, check my page out over on Facebook to stay up to date, and come back again soon,

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