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When Baby No. 3 arrived | Abu Dhabi Newborn Photographer

I was delighted to be able to capture the time when baby No. 3 arrived and joined this beautiful family. I shared their beautiful Dubai sunset beach maternity session here. I’ve captured a few hours worth of tender moments in the early weeks of all three of their children now and the trust that they put…

A beach maternity session

I love this family, and was super sad when they packed up and left Abu Dhabi – we even did a “Goodbye Abu Dhabi” shoot for them. Fortunately they only travelled up the road to Dubai, so when I got a call saying they were expecting again I was super excited to jump in the car…

I love that…. | Abu Dhabi newborn photographer

…. this family chose these two images as the front and back of their album – how wonderfully do they go together? I seriously can’t wait to see it. Will post some more pics from this session soon, and of the album in all it’s glory Kirsty x

Mr Handsome | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

This little chap captured my heart – he had nothing but smiles and charm all through his shoot – and that coupled with the beautiful light in his parents house just made my job almost too easy!!! I can’t wait to see you again little Mr Handsome, love, Kirsty xx

A boating goodbye | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

This family are super special, as so many of my Abu Dhabi families are because I’ve got to know them as the years have passed and I always feel super grateful to have that in such a transient expat society. Over the years they’ve had maternity photos to celebrate the impending arrivals of both their…

Little Brit Boy | Abu Dhabi Newborn Photographer

Remember this gorgeous maternity shoot? The one with the hot mama and the car? It really shouldn’t have surprised me given that you was dressed in red, white and blue that she’d incorporate that into her baby shoot!!! So without further ado, here is her very gorgeous family and her little rock star Brit boy,…

Gorgeous Mama | Abu Dhabi Maternity Photographer

OK, seriously, is this Mama to be gorgeous or what??? And when she told me she wanted her car in the photos I think I may have air punched!! Because I LOVE it when people make a shoot their own – when they include the things that make them happy – because it’s YOUR story I’m…

Sweet girl | Abu Dhabi newborn photographer

Let me say up front – this was a favourite session- we sat around drinking coffee, then snapping a few photos, then chatting about travels, then snapping a few photos, then listening to Christmas songs drift up from the school next door (my own kids school no less), then snapped a few more, then tried…

The new addition | Abu Dhabi newborn photographer

f you saw their maternity shoot you already know how adorable this family were… so I knew how sweet they’d be as a foursome….Don’t you love just how content she looks with her sweet new little boy in her arms? Such a sweet big brother Until next time,  Kirsty x

The Cutest Toes | Abu Dhabi Newborn Photographer

I mentioned when I blogged their newborn shoot about how this little guy had the cutest little toes… and was I right??? Love their smiles here – it makes me smile every time I see this pic about how they just laughed and carried on when their little fella pooped – yup, that’s actually what they’re…

New Sister | Abu Dhabi newborn photographer

Oh gosh am I behind on blogging – it’s not that I don’t have sooo many gorgeous shoots to share, it’s that running around after 2 active little girls, running a business and life in general gets a bit hectic and blogging has slipped down my list – I was reminded of how bad I’ve…

Beautiful Simplicity | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

Sometimes the most beautiful photos are the simplest ones – baby sleeping, baby stretching, baby in Mama’s arms, baby being adored by it’s loving new parents. I adore the simplest pictures, where nothing else needs to be said…That’s how I feel about this beautiful family… <3 <3 Kirsty xx

Kirsty Larmour Photography – A review of 2011

2011 – what a year!!!! I totally intended to post this remotely on New Years Eve while I was away but it turns our my hubby had picked a holiday destination with no cell phone signal or internet – oh it was bliss – but really I digress… what I need to talk about is…

Another ONE! Abu Dhabi child photographer

Another one – another of my little babies reaching ONE! Sigh… she is just so beautiful….. I have such a thing for eyelashes and Amira’s are to die for… She was a perfect little model down at the beach Until she’d had enough and said NO MORE! And even then she’s still cute as a…

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