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Bunny to Beach | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

How could I not have blogged this little sweetie? It is such a delight when you go back to celebrate the first birthday of a baby you saw in the first week of life – you may remember that this was the baby we captured with her cat! Unfortunately the cat didn’t comply quite as well for photos this time but we got plenty of sweet Isobel with her bunny instead before popping down to the beach for sunset

You can see the colour version of this one over on Facebook - it’s one of my favourite ever photos

How beautiful are her eyelashes?  and how thrilled am I that her Mummy and Daddy now have this big on their wall?! 

Isn’t she just adorable – and check out the beautiful Abu Dhabi sunset – these are the kind of pictures that will remind her forever that this is where she lived right then, right as she turned 1

I LOVE my job capturing cuties like this, Kirsty xx

  • Michelle - Those eyelashes! Devine little girl.

  • Kate - What a sweetie and so serious :) love them

  • Kate - What a pretty little girl. Love the first picture…this family are lucky to have found you! Beautiful as always :)

Bump to Baby No.2 | Abu Dhabi Maternity and Newborn Photographer

This family are really special – this is the second time I’ve photographed them as they prepare the welcome a new baby into their lives and they approach it with such joy, and love, and excitement.

It’s quite some time since the little fella arrived now (I am shockingly behind on blogging) so I’m going to include both sessions in one blog post – you may remember their previous maternity shoot and what a beautiful backdrop their home provided – their new place doesn’t disappoint and now they have an almost 2 year old to add to the excitement!

And then baby Sami arrived – and big sister was smitten

And how I wish I could have looked this gorgeous just days after giving birth! (check out how stunning she looked last time!) I think this is my fave pic… well, apart from big sister’s huge smile up above – how could you not adore that?

Thank you so much for inviting me back to capture this special time for you again – can’t wait to watch as these two gorgeous children grow up, Kirsty xx

  • Kylie - Beautiful images. What a cheeky two yr old with a perfect smile. Love all your b&w’s. Kx

  • Kate - So gorgeous Kirsty, you can see the love shining through and I don’t know how you capture that in pictures but YOU certainly do. The last picture is just beautiful

  • Krista - Really beautiful shots!

Project 10 September 2012 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

It’s September – which means the end of our lazy, lounging days and back to school for the girls and for my Project 10 this month I documented some of our back to school preparations….

Indoor camping has been lots of fun this summer!!

Sticking on name labels…

Checking uniforms

Out for a last girls lunch to one of our favourite restaurants:)Where they have the most delish pumpkin quiche – yummmmmm

Shadow play on the way homeMore label making – each year we make little laminated cards for their bags with a picture of our family and a little secret message in case they miss us, (plus a more practical one with a picture of them and our contact details)

Making spinach, tomato and feta pies for lunchboxes – we cooked up a storm that week – homemade chickpea burgers, blueberry muffins, carrot and banana cakes – my freezer is full of healthy things to pop in for lunch and snacks 

And last but not least “Just Dance” on the wii to tire them out before dinner.

I always feel as if our days aren’t really all that interesting, and yet I’m always so glad of this chance to document the normal stuff.  The  group of wonderful girls I’m doing this project with are all over the world so head over to Seattle and the ever gorgeous Val of The Read Balloon Photography to see what her and her 2 beautiful girls got upto this month and then follow the circle round.

See you next month, Kirsty xx

PS yes, I know, I’m meant to feature in 1 picture and I keep forgetting – maybe next month I’ll remember!;)

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  • Efi - Lovely and at all boring Kirsty! Love the indoor camp idea! And i think u should start taking more food picssss!! Love them!

  • rowe - i love seeing your project 10 lovely! how cute are the laminated cards you make… you are the best mumma ever!

  • Kate - You make it seem like you’re supermum!! I love that you do all this stuff with the girls – the sweet cards, what a fab idea :D

  • Kristy - THANK YOU for sharing your life and THANK YOU for connecting with me. LOVE finding out about other ex-pat moms. p.s. your kiddos are ADORABLE.

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Letter to my Daughters August 2012

This is the fifth of my letters that I introduced in April.  As the months go by I find myself looking forward to this project more and more and treasuring not only all the special things about my girls and our family but also the normal moments of our days.

Next go and see what Jody McKitrick | Northern Virginia Family Photographer has written – her stories are beautiful and she no matter what she writes she always manages to make me smile…

Kirsty xx

PS I’ve hardly been at my PC this month – all pics were taken on my iphone and processed with instagram:)Oh how I love it for capturing all those little moments – I couldn’t live without my instagram now

  • Sarah C - Oh Kristy! I love love your instagram photos of your girls. They are absolutely beautiful!! Honestly iPhone snaps have become a staple in our life because its really freed up so much time not having to lug our equipment around and being able to really snap and share images of our family with the people we care about. I can only imagine what a special time this month must be for you. Christmas time was similar for us for years and years when my husband worked 60-70 hours a week and we got extra time with them and Christmas break with our littles. Thank you so much for sharing something so sweet and precious to you with us all!! You just have the most beautiful girls!

  • Julia - Being an avid iphoeographer myself, I absolutely love that you have shared your images here! You have captured the feeling of the summer so perfectly, Kirsty; your talent and amazing eye transcend professional equipment.

  • Emma Wood - Oh those beautiful beautiful instagram pictures! They are so out of this world gorgeous, and your sweet words to top it off. Your posts are always so full of life and love. <3

  • Val Spring - I just adore to hear about your family and the way your are raising your girls! I think so highly of you and admire the way you mother them! Love the cozy feeling I get when I read your letters, I can just tell what a beautiful family and home you have! Hugs from across the world, my friend!

  • Tommy - I am a very lucky Baba and husband. xxx

  • Kati - Lovely as always. I really must do something like this for my children. xxx

  • Vinita - Very touching Kirsty! Lovely porject and I love reading your letters!

  • Krista - Amazing! Makes me want an iphone even more.

  • Kate - Blissful pictures Kirsty even with an iphone, and perfect words, they will mean so much to your girls one day

  • Jenn Turner - I love what you do in your projects with your girls! Such an inspiration.
    Keep up the good work.


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Project 10 August | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this project for a whole year – I love how it makes me slow down and capture a day in our lives – which doesn’t mean every picture is “hang on the wall” worthy, but does create a picture of us that I’ll be able to look on in years to come when all this is just distant memories…. it’s still our school holidays and we’re back from our European travels which means lots of long lazy lie-ins and slob out days with craft projects… it’s still in the high 40 degrees C (which is over 110F for my American friends!) so daytimes are very relaxed, but we do often head down to the beach late afternoon – which is exactly what we did on this day…

We started out after breakfast with some DVD time – one of my kids always seems to be watching TV upside down!We then embarked on another of our holiday craft projects – making rag dolls (I’ll blog some more soon but check out some previous summer crafts here). I’d been saving up some old sheets just for a project like this! The hair and dresses still need finishing – that’s a project for another day:)We then headed down to the beach – which it being Ramadan is blissfully empty, a sight that’s impossible to see any other time of year given that it runs almost the whole length of the city waterfront…

I decided to try my underwater housing down at the beach for the first time – I really didn’t pick a good day – It was dull and there was no sun through the haze and I’ve really never seen the sea so choppy – not proper waves, just choppy sea and lots of wind – so it was a big experiment in what I could capture, sometimes missing the shot as I was thrown under, or one of the girls was… but despite all of that I captured some that I love and I embrace the imperfectness of them, because that’s what this project is about – capturing things, just how they are…..

Now head on over to Canada to see what Robyn and her gorgeous girls have been upto….

Until next month, Kirsty x

(Head over here if you’d like to read about how we started this project in August 2011)

  • San - Oh!!!! how much i miss the beach!!
    I’m from AUH too…!! Nice to know your girls are enjoying their summer vacation!! :)


  • rowe - i love those last 3 images so much… haze, choppy sea and all! i have loved seeing your 10 on 10 project kirsty and im super excited to have started my own this month… yay! thanks for sharing lovely x

  • jody - Gorgeous! 10 x 10 project I adore the idea. look forward to seeing next months. I’m going to join in too xxx

  • Sara T - Those water shots, TDF! I love your day.

  • Janine - Summer love ♥ Hopefully we’ll be doing the same very soon.

  • Ruth the LLLL - Awwhhh, I cannot get my head around how grown up your wee girls are already yet. Wow!
    Thank you so much for sharing your day with us!
    cheers from Ruth

  • kati - Oh I love seeing your projects and watching your girls grow! xxx

  • Ninka - DVD, crafting then the beach, a perfect day! I love the plaits shot too, a new fav of mine!

  • Kate - Wow, where have I been?? These are wonderful, I love this project so much because it’s the little things that you forget once they’re grown up. They will cherish these…

  • Letter from Last August (2012) » Letters from the Larmours - [...] can also see some more of our August in my Project 10 over on the work blog, and some instagram pictures of our August here in my monthly Letter to the [...]

Letter to my Daughters | July 2012

This is the fourth of my letters that I introduced in April.  They won’t always be picture perfect, or eloquent, but they will be from the heart, and I’ll be writing them each month for my 2 treasured girls.  I’m undertaking this project with the most amazing set of ladies around the world…..

Next go and see what the ever lovely Julia has written to her beautiful daughter Wren this month – her images and words are always inspiring – follow this link to see Julia Stotlar | Chicago-Area Photographer

Kirsty xx

PS All photos taken one morning exploring Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Summer 2011 (and more of our adventures are on my travel blog over here)

  • Jody - Okay, now I just want to take my letter down. :) You are amazing Kirsty and SUCH an inspiration.

  • Emma Wood - I’m blown away by your images, i’m blown away by your words. You’re an amazing woman Kirsty Larmour! <3

  • Sarah C - My goodness these images are TO DIE FOR! Your girls couldn’t be any more gorgeous and I think its completely amazing you all do so much traveling! I really hope to be able to show my own littles the world some day. We are still working on our country lol! Your girls are going to love this and appreciate this all their life sunshine. You are providing something invaluable for them. You have given them wings. Such a wonderful mama you are!

  • Rashmi - Oh Kirsty.. the pictures the pictures! I love that both you and Jody speak about travelling in this month’s edition of Letters. I really truly believe that kids who travel become adults who travel and change the world. I hope you are enjoying Paris! can’t wait to see the photographs. Take me along on your next adventure? xoxo

  • Amy Lucy Lockheart - What an amazing childhood your girls are experiencing! It is such a rare thing to be able to travel as extensively as your young daughters have in their short lives. I absolutely love these photos, Kirsty, and your words of wisdom. I hope you are having the time of your lives in Europe and can’t wait to hear about it when you return! xoxo

  • Meagan Baker - Vancouver Child Photographer - I love everything about this letter – the images are gorgeous, and so is your writing. Beautiful project. Inspires me to do this for my daughter.

  • Michelle Stone - Oh my goodness, I may just be a sappy dork, but reading that totally made me tear up. Your girls are so lucky and it sounds like you are pretty lucky to have them too. :)

  • Karen Catto - Kirsty. What a stunning letter and the photos are fabulous!!! As someone else said, I just want to rewrite my letter now!! Lol. Inspirational! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful adventure together xx

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  • Katie - Love this so much! Makes me want to return to Cambodia! :)

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