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Letter to my Daughters | November 2013

Now please head on over to read the letter of the lovely Courtney Keim to her little sweetie…

until next month, Kirsty xx

PS all pictures taken on a very blustery Boxing Day last year while on the girls first trip to The Giant’s Causeway

  • emma wood - Oh Kirsty, what a beautiful letter, your words really do hit home and now that we live here too, I love that I can see firsthand the similar experiences with my own girls. I love that we now have images of all of them together and that we get to see your sweet faces now and then. I feel so blessed to know you all. <3

  • anna-liisa - I have a couple of big things on at the moment and I feel exactly the same! If I can just arrive at the end of December in one piece with sanity intact, then suddenly, among all the celebrations, it will feel great to look back on all we have done in 2013…even if it has flown by even quicker than 2012!!

  • Debbie Wibowo - Kirsty, I their colorful outfits and their colorful lives. No matter how gray the winter is, I believe each one of you will bring beautiful colors to your everyday life.

The One into 2 project | Week 3

“One city, one passion, 2 people, 2 styles…. One theme, one week, 2 pictures, 2 interpretations – the One into 2 Project”

Week 3 – amused

Kirsty Larmour Photography

Jillian Greenhill Photography

You can read how this project started here… until next week… Kirsty

The One into 2 Project | Week 2

“One city, one passion, 2 people, 2 styles…. One theme, one week, 2 pictures, 2 interpretations – the One into 2 Project”

Week 2 – Orange

Kirsty Larmour Photography

Jillian Greenhill Photography

You can read how this project started here… until next week… Kirsty

PS My image was also featured on Evoking You in their top 10 for “Texture” – along with some other gorgeous images

  • rowe - wow… that image is just breathtaking! cant wait to see the project unfold! both so different, yet equally beautiful x

The One into 2 Project | Week 1

One of my very best photographer friends is another photographer in my city – people often think it’s weird that we’re such good friends when they think we should be in competition – but it’s not like that – what we do photographically is so very different, and who we are is so different too. So when Jillian asked me if I’d like to do a photo challenge together with her I said yes right away because it’s such a great way to expand your creativity and push yourself. There are lots of “word a day” or “word a week” projects out there, but I hope we’ll put our own spin on this with being in the same city – 2 friends of mine Deb and Rowe are doing a similar one, but from opposite sides of the world and daily rather than weekly….

For Jillian and me the UAE was our meeting place, but photography brought us together. We are different as chalk and cheese, yet friendship grew from our shared passion to create memories and capture moments. We’ve joined together to work on this project to push ourselves creatively, whilst embracing our two very different photographic styles. We will alternate who chooses a theme each week and then post both our interpretations together.

“One city, one passion, 2 people, 2 styles…. One theme, one week, 2 pictures, 2 interpretations – the One into 2 Project”

Week 1 – Outside

Kirsty Larmour Photography

Jillian Greenhill Photography

We’ll be back with another post next week, Kirsty x

Project 10 – November 2013 | Abu Dhabi Travel Photography

It’s Project 10 time again – that time when I’m supposed to post 10 pictures from a fairly average day, just to capture what life’s about in our family… and one of the things that life is about in my family is travel… so often my Project 10′s are of when we travel – and often I totally break the rules on the 10 photos thing… but I figure it’s about being real, and in the interests of that here I present to you a day in Muscat, Oman over the Eid holiday where I forced my poor vegetarian children to visit a fish market very much against their will, then didn’t allow them to buy any of the sparkly trinkets they admired at the souq, but made up for that with some chill time, jumping on the bed time, and finally some gorgeous sunset beach time!

We started out at Muscat Harbour and then headed to the fish market….

I really think there’s something so compelling about photographing fish – the textures and colours are always so amazing – they always draw me in for more – I started out in travel photography and I love these kind of detail shots.Her expression here says it all – she was totally grossed out and horrified by the man trying to hand her a fish, to actually touch!!! But I loved where it led our discussions on how not all experiences are fun, but we can take something good away from them all as we learn to differentiate between what we do and don’t enjoy – I’m not sure at age 5 she was convinced by my arguments though!!! Note that Saffy’s not in any of these pictures – she really did not want to partake in the whole experience!!!

The next picture is the “Come on Mummy, it MUST be time to go by now” face!!

The Souq was full of pretty things to look at though – and much more pleasant smelling:DWith a pretty impressive stained glass ceiling too….. and lots of Aladins cave like shops (And proof that Saffy really did come to Muscat with us!)Chill time at our hotel overlooking the ocean – blissful…..The beach was quite busy at sunset with it being the Eid holiday but we still found some quiet rockpools to explore and have a paddle….And sand drawing is always fun (in between being paparazzi’d by local girls who fell in love with their blonde hair!!!)

I imagine next month will be altogether more normal again as we have no travels planned for a while…. Until then, head on over to see my friend Breeze of Love Resembles to see their fabulous day on the farm…. Kirsty xx

  • November's 10-10 Project Kathryn Rose Images Family Photographer | Kathryn Rose Images Photo JournalKathryn Rose Images Photo Journal - [...] Now pop on over to my lovely friend’s Kirsty blog to see her 10-10 November project. [...]

  • Kati - I love your travels! Indy and the faces she makes! Too funny! xx

  • Lena - Love love love reading your Project 10 posts and seeing images of your sweet girls! You guys are so cool with your exotic holidays and cool places you visit! And I LOVE seeing your unique perspective in images – just love it! Ok, maybe I used the word ‘love’ too much and I really love seeing your images:)

  • summer - once again…in love with your images and your adventurers Kirsty! xo

  • Debbie Wibowo - I love following your family journey through your images. What a nice day to spend exploring the market and the beach. And your images and pov are always lovely, as usual.

  • rowe - i ADORE your 10 on 10 this month! the one looking at the water from the pier… the fish market images are so colourful and beautiful even though i can imagine the smell wasnt so good after having visited a food market here in bali! my favourite image is the one of the girls holding hands with the people trying to sell them things… they are so brave just soldiering on! audrey hates the markets for that reason…

Being themselves | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

Some families are special – this family was one of those – I walked in and we chatted, and chatted, and chatted – and I captured them as we chatted…. it is one of my favourite lifestyle sessions ever – nothing too posed, just them being them, being comfortable doing their own thing, and just happy to let me capture what I did….

We started off at home, hanging out, climbing all over Daddy and jumping on the bed – always a great way to break the kids into this whole “we’re taking pictures today” idea!!;)

And then we headed off to the park and for a play outside…. don’t you just love the butterfly leg tattoo? It just screams of this little feisty lady’s personality and I adore that!!I love capturing families just hanging out together, and being themselves….And ending with a favourite – beautiful family, beautiful sunshine, beautiful day….

And these lovely people have now moved on from Abu Dhabi – I know how much they treasure these images and its so special know that we captured this time before they went and a little piece of Abu Dhabi life went with them too, love Kirsty xx

  • Janine - I love, love, love this type of session. Especially love sweet moments between family members. Beautiful work, as always.

  • Summer Murdock - Oooohhhhh, I adore this whole session Kirsty…so so good! xo

  • Kate - YES!!!! This is so real life – you can see their happy little faces and their real emotions without it being all posed – it’s just perfect

2 little smilers | Abu Dhabi Baby Photographer

It’s got to be a record for me to blog twice in one day – especially in November which is without a doubt the busiest time of year for a photographer – but my internet broke today and instead of browsing Facebook, Pinterest and all the other time sucks that I get dragged into (don’t we all? and don’t even get me started on online shopping this time of year!!!) I spent the time preparing some images for blogging – so here we go – it’s a while since I met this gorgeous pair of smilers but their whole family  were just adorable….

I like to keep sessions with little ones light and fun so we had lots of playing on the bed fun – hiding in pillows, and playing peekaboo between the bed rails! Isn’t he just adorable?

Time for snuggles and stories too….Little sister is a cutie too….And lots of brother sister smiley fun….

And another fun fact – when I turned up to meet this family they had a birth announcement from another of my clients on their fridge – I love how Abu Dhabi is like that <3  a small place, where if you adored one client you just know you’re going to get on with people who know them too…. It was gorgeous to meet you guys, Kirsty xx

  • Debbie Wibowo - Ooooh…loooove this, Kirsty. You are soo good at lifestyle pic. I am sure they are very happy with the pics they received.

  • Kate - Another lifestyle session – not forced smiles for the camera – more real life – and they are just gorgeous

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