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The One into Two Project | Week 21

“One city, one passion, 2 people, 2 styles…. One theme, one week, 2 pictures, 2 interpretations – the One into 2 Project” Week 21 – big (this is the international version with a picture from our school holidays trip to Hong Kong – it makes me laugh because with all those crazy high rise buildings…

Happy Holi – Abu Dhabi Travel Photography

Tomorrow is Holi in India. It’s also known as the festival of colours – a festival that says goodbye to winter and welcomes the all the colours and vibrancy of spring. Last year we were in India for it and I’ve been loving spending time going through the photos to try and get a little…

Project 10 January 2014

Is it really 2014 and am I really doing this Project still??? It started back in 2011 and I’m still going – mainly because the whole thing of capturing the moments throughout just one day really makes it one of my favourite projects to shoot for and compile. Maybe it’s also because I’m so useless…

Letter to my Daughters | November 2013

Now please head on over to read the letter of the lovely Courtney Keim to her little sweetie… until next month, Kirsty xx PS all pictures taken on a very blustery Boxing Day last year while on the girls first trip to The Giant’s Causeway

Project 10 – November 2013 | Abu Dhabi Travel Photography

It’s Project 10 time again – that time when I’m supposed to post 10 pictures from a fairly average day, just to capture what life’s about in our family… and one of the things that life is about in my family is travel… so often my Project 10’s are of when we travel – and…

Walking on the Irish Sea Coast | Abu Dhabi commercial photographer

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this yet – a couple of months ago the beautiful Teresa and Thomas magazines first print issue came. I’ve featured in their digital magazine before (pictures from the beautiful Abu Dhabi desert) but there’s really something amazing about seeing your work in print in an international magazine, and alongside…

Letter to my Daughters, May 2013

I can’t believe we’ve been doing this project over a year now – I honestly can’t imagine not doing it now – it’s something I treasure so much. Now please head on over to visit the wonderful friend I am so thankful to for believing in me and asking me to be a part of…

Flower Girls | Abu Dhabi Children’s Photographer

Is anyone else cold? I was sitting at my desk feeling unseasonably cold while editing this morning, which is ridiculous given we live in one of the hottest countries on earth, and it’s APRIL!!! what I needed was some nice warm pictures to make me feel happy and sunny…. so here goes….. Last summer my…

Project 10 April 2013 | the view from a train in India!


Project 10 – March 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

It’s Project 10 time – the time when a group of photographers post pictures of a day in our lives. In theory, it’s supposed to be 10 pictures, one an hour over the course of a day – but this month I cheated, big style!! Yeah this post is HUGE!!! This month I documented Indy’s…

Project 10, February 2013 | Abu Dhabi Lifestyle Photographer

I’m well into my 2nd year of this project and it continues to be a favourite, and yet sometimes I still kinda forgot to do it!! Ooops – this month I pulled together a collection of images from one day over a long weekend a couple of weeks ago – the long weekend coincided with…

New Years Day | Abu Dhabi Children’s Photographer

Imagine waking up and starting a new year with this right outside your front door….. that’s how 2013 started for us….. The sun rose slowly and the girls ran around… throwing in a little gangnam style…. Playing run at/crash into/hug your big sister…..Seriously, love and laughter like this is contagious…. Hope your 2013 got off…

Project 10 January 2013 | Abu Dhabi LIfestyle Photographer

I failed miserably at documenting a whole day over the holiday period – we travelled so much, and saw so many people and well, generally just had too much fun!! So instead of a whole day, I have about 6 hours of one day… a morning walk with one lovely dog, and an afternoon walk…

Happy New Year | Abu Dhabi Children’s Photographer

Happy 2013 to you all. I’m just back from my travels and so I’ve not managed to make a slideshow of the past year as I’ve done before – but let it be said, 2012 was a wonderful year to me – I met new little people coming into the world, saw people in love…

Letter to my Daughters | November 2012

Now please head over and read the letter of my friend  Debbie Wibowo of D*Light Photography to her gorgeously sweet daughter – Debbie is a relatively new member to our group and I’m excited to get to know her through her letters… Until next month, Kirsty xx

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